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Nostradamus C5 Q31: The wisdom of Greece comes under attack by extremists.
Copyright: Allan Webber, December 2015

Anagrams in this verse such as carpenter (nce Par ter) apprentice (pience Par t) beatitudes (a ſubdite et) and  mound (du mon) resonate with the story of Jesus but such resonance has the intent of setting a future scene. Considered alongside references such as the Attic land fountain of wisdom and a wreck amongst the waves found in the text and anagrams for neutrino (ont ruine) eruption stage (Pont ruine -et ſa g), Nicene (inence) Seer talents roused (reſe - nt eſt la - roſe du) it can be seen that this verse also fits into the major story lines given in my papers titled Floods, Geneva 2065 and Nicea Agennos. The purpose of this verse is therefore definable as one of providing details of these major stories late in the 21st century.

C5 Q96 has a very similar turn of phrase to that in the end of the second line of this verse and each of them shares three anagrams that do not generate from bases that are in any way similar nor do they appear as clusters. These three anagrams are Piscean, talents and abusers and their common link suggests they are critical to defining the rose of the world.

The anagrams on which the interpretation of this verse rely include: 

carpenter retreat fleeched (coaxed) quiet Piscean apprentices
Par terre Attique chef de la ſapience

equip[p]ed present seer latest talent roused ordeals demon predestine
Qui de preſent eſt la roſe du monde

eruption neutrino generants pander prenamed Nicene eminence
Pont ruine et ſa grand preeminence

 absurd funerate beatitudes abusers agreed aged deservedness
Sera ſubdite et naufrage des vndes

# beatitudes: the grouping of eight types who are blessed given in the Sermon on the Mount -it praises a spirit of love and humility rather than force and compulsion.
# funerate: performance of the rituals of death.
Through the Attic land fountain of wisdom,
At present the rose of the world
The bridge ruined, and its great pre-eminence
Will be subjected, a wreck amidst the waves.
Par terre Attique chef de la ſapience
Qui de preſent eſt la roſe du monde
Pont ruine et ſa grand preeminence
Sera ſubdite et naufrage des vndes
L1: <carPenter treAt quiche feed As pie><~alaS feed aPprentice quiche as retreat><apParencieS fleeched a quiet retreat><triquetrA rePeat paliSade f-ence><piScean Part>

L2: <Seer Sent eQuiped lodeStar (Polestar)><Speedier talentS roused demon><~alterS doSe eQuiped mound enterS~><preSented leaSt rouSed demon><mound ordealS teSt preSeen><~Quoined pRD leaSt mud roSe~><leSt mound predeStine arouSed><Solar tenetS depriues><lateSt>

L3: <~Senate preeminence grand eruPtion~><neutrino gateS / Stage Preeminence><greatS pander not ruin eminence><prenamed roPtion negateS nicene><reunite grandpaS eminence>teargaS uterine reagentS>

L4: <~urfa tenet ASSures aged bid ensved~><rafuna beatitudeS deServedneSs><urfa aSSure bidentate><it endS abSurd funerate (able to bury) age ><Subedit vndreSs a funerate (set for burial) seed><abderuS (Thracian son of Hermes) Sends><agreed Subedit redSea svn><abuSerS edit urfa> dearneSs
1: deservedness, apparencies, beatitudes, apprentice, predestine, bidentate, absurd,
2: preeminence, triquetra, neutrino, lodestar, equiped, Abderus,
3: carpenter, palisade, sapience, teargas, buds,
4: eruption, presented, speedier, abusers, cheque, funerate
5: quoined,
6: grandpas, dampener / prenamed, reunites, piqued,
7: Rafuna, abuser,
8: subedit, Piscean, chique, assures, debit, Nicene,
9: pence (2x),
10: depriues, talents, dearness,
11: reunite / uterine,
12: aroused, negates, gates / stage,
13: fleeched, ordeals, latest, retreat, bud / dub,
14: -
15: carpet,
16: epiderm, sensed,
17: grandpa, tenets, fled,
18: portune, present / serpent, agreed, vends, fleed, sends,
19: ermine,
20: mound,
21: -
22: Redseas, pride, quid, edges,
23: panderer, senate.

carpenter, apprentice, predestine, deservedness, beatitudes, mound, apparencies, prenamed, absurd, pre-eminence, equiped, reunites, Rafuna, triquetra, neutrino, eruption, quoined, palisade, presented, speedier, teargas, buds, piqued, abusers, funerate, grandpas, cheque, deprives, Nicene, talents, negates, stage, fleeched, ordeals, aroused, latest, tenets, retreat, sensed, fled, Redseas, edges, present, senate, agreed, ermine, pride, portune.



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