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Nostradamus C5 Q33: Vietnamese girls tricked into the sex trade in France.
Copyright: Allan Webber, December 2015

The freedom of women has a fragile presence in a patriarchal world and this fragility is set to increase with the spread of extremist ideas. This theme is critical to understanding this verse for without it readers view it through a masculine tinted lens. Both the texts and the anagram are only interpretable in a setting of rebellion by foreign women being exploited as sex slaves by merchanteers (etrencher ma). The women in this verse are very young and brought to France under false tales of them having an exciting time. Upon arrival they are forced to take a Nitride (i tiendr) based chemical to make them less able to resist exhausted troops (ort po) at the end of aimless (maſles i) marches (cher ma). But the women rebel and fight with anything that comes to hand.

Anagrams that help in giving meaning to this verse include:

respelled princes panic USA deceit excited rebel belle speedier
Des principaux de cite rebellee

rendition not erudition for troop our terrible rate Iraquoi nitride quit
Qui tiendront fort pour liberte rauoir

hence merchanteer  realisms deter males aimless marches lifelines clime Semele menarches encharm
Detrencher maſles infelice meſlee

shy hurl semen Annamese patients use couri[e]r vows
Crys hurlemens a Nantes piteux voir
# Semele: Gk myth- mortal mother of Dionysus (fathered by Zeus) - parallels story of Mary + name of asteroid.
menarches: the first menstrual period of a girl or woman.
Annamese: people or items from Annam (Vietnam).
Of the principal ones of the city in rebellion
Who will strive mightily to recover their liberty
The males cut up, unhappy fray,
Cries, groans at Nantes pitiful to see.
Des principaux de cite rebellee
Qui tiendront fort pour liberte rauoir
Detrencher maſles infelice meſlee
Crys hurlemens a Nantes piteux voir
L1: <~recite speeDier panic uxed bell~><excited rebel><rebel cite uxed priDes panic> <rite cauxed><i pauxed princes bell trice>

L2: <~terrible tupor front iraQuo erudition~><~nitride not for iraQuo liberater~><fort rendition><nordien fort uarior Quit>tribe / Tiber

L3: <merchanteerS lifelines><hence meleeS / Semele deter realiSms><life lines encharmS><elSe menarches (first mentrual period) Deter life lines><her aimleSs meleeS centred><maleS centereD her life sin><hence realmS Deter Semele lines ><retrenched males in life><leafineSs clime>

L4: <men rule shy aNnas spite><muler uxe aNtennas spite><Cry hurls patients seamen ovuriex><aNnamese patients hurls ovuries Cry>
1: erudition, respelled, antennas, excited,
2: merchanteer, rendition, lifelines, Annamese,
3: menarches, leafiness, patients, nitride, penants,
4: menarche, retrench, speedier, felines, hurl,
5: centred,
6: clime, Maher, Anna,
7: realisms, terrible, encharm, deleters, Pacini, delete, shy,
8: -
9: marches, troop,
10: aimless / seismal, panic,
11: trench, deletes,
12: scry,
13: caudex / cauxed, prides, melees / Semele, pits,
14: -
15: -
16: deceit,
17: princes,
18: cry,
19: reiect / recite, tribe / Tiber,
20: -
21: centre / center / recent, elfin,
22: rebel,
23: hence.

 merchanteer, erudition, respelled, excited, life lines, Annamese, patients, menarches, speedier, rendition, felines, hurl, antennas, penants, Anna, terrible, nitride, clime, realisms,, delete, shy, troop, aimless, marches, panic, trench, pits, caused, melees, Princes, prides, deceit, reject, cry, hence, center, tribe, encharm rebel.

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