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Nostradamus C5 Q45: The manner by which ancient Icelanders encode planets in poetry
Copyright: Allan Webber, December 2015, May 2023

Empire Church Antichrist Nostradamus Epistle quoteThis verse provides the bridge between the 16th century content of this and the previous verse (C5 Q45) to verses about the sadder (es d'ard) premise (Empire ſ)behind gene tree(eEt r -egne) manipulation and airplane's (par l'aiſne) weaponry in the modern century. That this is the intent of the verse can be seen through anagrams stating new lines (uenne ſilu) separated (te pres d'ar) oldest(ſt deſol) arena (ra Aen). The verse also describes how ancient poets included information about astronomic dating by using human population movements as planetary allusions.

The star of de Baux found in the anagrams of the third line is a symbol of a town close to St Remy where Nostradamus was born.

Anagrams that help in giving meaning to this verse include:

danger Empires premise rotates oldest allergen organelles 
Le grand Empire ſera toſt deſole

evil alternates separated underlines treat planets dreads
Et tranſlate pres d'arduenne ſilue

paradisal Icelanders encode enclosed ell eludes de Baux star
Les deux baſtardz par l'aiſne decolle

area broaden needs generate a brazened node
Et regnera Aenodarb nez de milue
The great Empire will soon be desolated
And transferred to near the Ardennes
The two bastards beheaded by the oldest one,
And Bronzebeard the hawk-nose will reign.
Le grand Empire ſera toſt deſole
Et tranſlate pres d'arduenne ſilue
Les deux baſtardz par l'aiſne decolle
Et regnera Aenodarb nez de milue
L1: <leoS enLargeD Empires rotateS><~Seer primed toaSted organELleS~><~orateS olDest EmpireS enLarged~><rEprimand Seer toaSted leo><aLlergen primEd doSe rotateS><So dampeN oldeSt arterieS><Semiprostrate dangEr><gEndarme reSpire><premiSe Enrage Epiderm eaSter

L2: <predates under altErnateS lineS><neuu lineS alternatES dreads><under separated lineS><trEat planetS euil unSeen dreads><unSerenaded euilS><lineS under speared aSlant>

L3: <airplaneS dartz abusex code><des baux Star airplanez code><icelanderS Star padz><ell encodeS eludeS liar><encloSed ell exudes>irelands

L4: <~rEgent broaden Area ileum (end of small intestine) needz ~><genera reAbandon ileum trEe><Area euil radon bendz gene trEe><one gene Area brazened (unashamedly) medeiuel> rEgenerate

1: neuu lines, separated, brazen(ed), bendz,
2: unserenaded, semiprostrate, organelles, regenerate,
3: reabandon, des Baux,
4: airplanes, dartz,
5: unearned,
6: Icelanders, pleasanter, alternates, needz,
7: rotates / rosetta,
8: reprimand, allergen, broaden, impend, oldest, broad, baux, endz / zend,
9: alterants / translate, la-Serpent, enclosed, predates, pastel / plates, unseen,
10: dampen, entreat,
11: Irelands, planets, arteries,
12: encode, arena,
13: premieres, liars,
14: erato / orate,
15: entreats,
16: gendarme, epiderm, primed, bard,
17: encodes, sealant, drapers,
18: plaster / psalter, aslant, dreads / sadder,
19: empires / premise, primes, brand,
20: respire,
21: plate / petal.
22: -
23: -

new lines, separated, oldest, arena, Icelanders, unearned, reprimand, pleasanter, alternates, rotates, unseen, planets, predates, gene tree, alterants, broaden, enclosed, semiprostrate, organelles, allergen, regenerate, arteries, epiderm, dampen, plaster, sealant, sadder, premise, gendarme, dreads, entreats, empires, reabandon, airplanes, darts, des Baux, encode.


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