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Nostradamus C5 Q46: Divisions arise over the morality of resurrecting the dead.
Copyright: Allan Webber, December 2015

This is again a story from the future and it focusses on a small Christian sect that dedicates itself to the burial of the dead, the Parabolani (par Albanoi). However it is one of the groups behind the attempt to resurrect Jesus from the dead and this tale tells of some of the internal divisions about the morality of their lead-in experiments on people only recently dead. The use of ancient references such as Eleleus aura (aura - eſleu le ſ) and Semele parable (me leſe - e par Alba) link this verse into the themes of religious wars and misguided attempts to resurrect Jesus by cloning DNA from relics.

Anagrams that help in giving meaning to this verse include:

arch ape use queer rogues sell stolen waxes remaps excusism escapism 
Par chapeaux rouges querelles et noueaux ſciſmes

lesbian [e]quations on war-seal
Quant on aura eſleu le ſabinois

ugly shops urgently ship arsons omens on ponderous counterraid
On produira contre luy grans ſophiſmes

Easter morale more melees please Parabolani's parable
Et ſera Rome leſee par Albanois.

# Parabolani: in ancient Greece bath attendants of a Christian sect who undertook to bury the dead who did so knowing they too might die.
Eleleus: surname of Apollo applied when referencing his warcry.
Semele: in Greek mythology mother of Dionysius with Zeus the father- equivalent to Mary in the Jesus son of God story.

Quarrels and new schism by the red hats
When the Sabine will have been elected
They will produce great sophism against him,
And Rome will be injured by those of Alba.
Par chapeaux rouges querelles et noueaux ſciſmes
Quant on aura eſleu le ſabinois
On produira contre luy grans ſophiſmes
Et ſera Rome leſee par Albanois.
L1: <~uxa rogues sell eparch queer notes eScapiSm uuaxes~><toluenes quereles (legal notes cauxeS Seism parch uxa ape>uxa eScapiSms toluenes quereles apache grouus> <rogues excuSiSms Parch uxa ape><camPerS heap grouux><imPaSSE cauxes uxa rogues toluenes quereles

L2: <~uSable runa Seal an iQuinos~><boSnia aura eleleuS not aQuins><~leSbian on eQuations-uuarseal~>

L3: <impOnderouS ophiS (Serpent) ran on ugly arc><persOn urgently ran ovid SophiSms><So gunlayers proud Ship meSon air><angry nucleator><ugly counterraid><gray mopiShneSs recountal><Shops Seism raygun recountal>neuralgy yule arSons

L4: parAbolani (buriers of the dead) REaSsert><Semele parAble Set Roar noisE~><~elSe EaSter pArable moRe ions~><a sepArable noisE><Rare SitEs><Semele bAronial ape Roar> bosnia / albinos EaSter><noise RESet moRale>bAal bAnal boEtians
1: imponderous, mopishness, spoonerism, urgently, escapism, scampers, iqons,
2: Parabolani, ponderous, gunlayers, nucleator, recountal, excusism, separable, sophism, botanies, obeisant, Iosquin, grouux, lesbian, raygun, uuaxes, shops,
3: counterraid, baronial, gunlayer / neuralgy, campers, usable,
4: eparchs, Ophis, 
5: quereles, impasse, albion / albino, useable, cauxes, angry, ugly,
6: parable, Apache, Isabel, gray,
7: toluenes, Bosnia (2x), arsons, ship,
8: quanto, queller, quasi,
9: guy,
10: ioin,
11: Eleleus, 
12: parch,
13: eparch / preach, melees / Semele, Moses,
14: morale,
15: reassert, banal,
16: drop,
17: -
18: heap,
19: -
20: cheap,
21: resell / seller, hip,
22: capers / pacers / scrape, basin, sites, Iona,
23: armor.

Parabolani, obeisant, ponderous, mopishness, escapism, urgently, separable, gunlayers, raygun, nucleator, recountal, Iosquin, excusism, grows, botanies, waxes, lesbian, shops, baronial, counterraid, campers, quereles, impasse, albino,causes, angry, ugly, parable, Apache, Bosnia, arsons, gray, ship, useable, toluenes, cheap, seller, scrape, basin, sites, Eleleus, preach, Semele, Moses, reassert, morale, drop.


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