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Nostradamus C5 Q48: Sickness of a Pope reignites a religious war on nature of Christ
Copyright: Allan Webber, December 2015, Mar 2023

Barren Lady & family wars Africa Conspiracy Three sects PannoniaThe Pannonian verse series in Nostradamus' PropheciesThe text of this verse via its references to Pannonians and a fleet from Africa shows that it is part of the Pannonian series and the Barren Lady family's wars.

 Its anagrams support this view as the above themes are also closely linked to the Jesus Christ recreated theme and in this verse we have upraise (uis pare), graal (la gra), and SanGrael afflicted (es la gran - de afflict) which is consistent with the details in that story line.

This is backed up by other anagrams such as Arians (ra naiſ) fated unions end (nons vi - end - t de fa) since fourth century Arians were believers in a mortal Christ of lesser status than their singular God. These story lines recorded by Nostradamus are able to be shown to cover a modern era that has not yet happened. And the credibility of this and any other verse or entry in Nostradamus' work is enhanced by the cohesive qualities, breadth and depth of the whole work. And to this end my writings and analyses play their part.

The stories in this verse and others imply that as unfolded in the 4th century of the Christian era the future will be in conflict over this issue and as happened many times in the past there follows a massively destructive war between the different Christian sects.

Nostradamus Prophecies verse C5 Q48 Pannonia Two Enemies Africa Fleet Fascist ParametricsAs the story lines are shown to be about a single set of persons involved in a singular act of genetic manipulation even more of the Epistle's references will be restructured into what was originally a continous cohesive account. This verse is part of the process that enables the reconstruction of that tale and the complex branches that accompany any in-depth writings on a major subject.


After the great affliction of the scepter,
Two enemies will be defeated by them
A fleet from Africa will appear before the Pannonians
By land and sea horrible deeds will take place.
Ares la grande affliction du ſceptre
Deux ennemis pareux ſeront de faictz
Claſſe d'Affrique aux Pannons viendra naiſtra
Par mer et terre seront horribles faictz.
L1: <sAngrael afflicted> <diction recuperAtes> <peter conduitS / diScount > < undo reSpect> <a cliff Seduction danger> < recaptureS deaf sangrael> uncodeS Sound

L2: <Sexennium (six yearly) rape uSex fractioned / fornicated> <persia-n men uxe zeD> <tzaDic (hebrew spiritual leader) uxe enn> <dediant roSex upraise / piraeus men> <federationS uxe pairs> <norSe aruspex fated>

L3: <dAffier Star ClaSS uuaqex> <aSian driven> <~veins SCalar radiantS xPan no aquifer fAdes~> <ScarlatinaS aquifer fAdeS>

L4: <horrible fascizt> <shorten / thrones orri fables Pictz rearm> <north seer meter not err> <norse thor rib self Parametricz><north meter see-terror>
1: scarlatinas, parametricz, undespotic, afflicted, unsceptred, fables,
2: deforciant / fornicated, diction, fanfared, cliff, horrible fascizt,
3: affliction, federations, conduits / discount, rosex,
4: federation, recuperates, seduction, sexennium, Thoron,
5: horriblest, persian-men, recaptures, quiffer, uncodes, daffier, fated, pazt,
6: vnions, Arians, scud,
7: scalar, partz, north / thorn, riff,
8: receptus, fronted, defiant, laagers,
9: Sang-Real (2x), aquifer, thrones / shorten, aruspex, graals, reuxes, fades,
10: garlands, tamperer, classed, sound, deft,
11: repeaters,
12: radiants, Thor,
13: racist, throne,
14: raffi,
15: lags,
16: Piraeus / upraise, radian, false / fleas,
17: fad,
18: respect / spectre / sceptre,
19: impresa / Pamiers, gales, teeter,
20: -
21: -
22: horrible, graels.
23: -

Key Ideas:

 scarlatinas, parametrics, unsceptred, undespotic, affliction, recuperates, deforciant, federation, discount, roses, seduction, horrible fascist, fanfared, fables, diction, sexennium, recaptures, past, Arians, fated, unions, uncodes, daffier, aruspex, fronted, Sang-Real, graals, thrones , scud, scalar, partz, defiant, racist, tamperer, upraise, Thor, reuxes, aquifer, radiants, spectre, garlands, north. 


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