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Nostradamus C5 Q49: The savagery of El Quida unleashed on African maidens in lectures cafeterias and parks.
Copyright: Allan Webber, December 2015

Nostradamus Prophecies verse C5 Q49 French not spanish colony in Africa is impacted by Madelaines uncles semipagan idealsThe first two lines of text of this verse set the time at which the story of the last two lines will unfold but the story itself is given a significant modern twist by defining clusters in the anagrams.

The story relates to a promise by the West to help the East deal with the burial of people affected by disease but this involves cremation to which El Quida takes a strong exception.

The structure of this hidden story is revealed through anagrams that include:

1. Magdelaines uncle semipagan ideals spelled quaint aquifer maladies
2. Serene era releases pouuer Natan cell blame tremble  rule
3. Africa cite Yemen's fear calefacient failance years
4. Negro sons seen persecute Elquida cruellest rapes
Qui dans ſon regne ſera peſte cruelle
Not from Spain but from ancient France
Will one be elected for the trembling bark,
To the enemy will a promise be made,
He who will cause a cruel plague in his realm.
Nul de l'Eſpaigne mais de l'antique France
Ne ſera eſleu pour le tremblant nacelle
A l'ennemy ſera faicte fiance
Qui dans ſon regne ſera peſte cruelle.
L1: <Semipagan ideals><quaint Fear mislead><imagines deal plEaSed uNcle quint><latinised Fear enigma plEaSed uNcle><quaint duel ideals plEaSing me><aquiFer slanted aim><maidens quantile Fear><~plEiades unclean enigma leads quint Fear~><nerac enigma unSpElled>midas SlEep

L2: <our leter ell pleaSure SeeN><releaSeS pouuer><cannellate (fluted gun barrel) eraS SeeN tremble><our peleuS eraS><our pulSe eraSe>meter blame cell atremble

L3: <my enn Safer enlAnce><affricate yemenS><africa lean yemenS><yearS men enlAnce> <enn em cAlefacient years><if cite yemenS enlAnce afar><~my enn leAn cafeteriaS faince~><enn fAilance>nicaea

L4: <lectureS Quailed rapeS Sons gene><el Quida Sect rule rape Sons geneS><el Quida repeatS cruel Sons geneS><ell recaptureS norSe geneS><cruelleSt rape Seen engroSs el quidan><eraS perSecute Quell Sons genre><recuperateS norSe geneS><reSpect norSe generas><negroS cruelleSt rape Seen>
1: Magdelaines, unclean, Nicaea,
2: affricate, latinised, el-Quidan, unspelled, imagines, calefacient, maladies, failance,
3: cruellest, persecute, Pleiades, aenigma, nuance, mislead,
4: recuperates, semipagan, el -Quida / quailed, furnace,
5: recaptures, prouul,
6: - 
7: cafeterias, lectures, elapsed / pleased,
8: treescape, enigmas, queller, renegers, quell,
9: aquifer, enigma, uncle,
10: reneges,
11: elapsing / pleasing, Africa, maids / Midas, atremble, aquid,
12: Pelasgi, Cenan,
13: lecture,
14: quantile, pleasure, release,
15: releases, lamb, Selene,
16: maidens,
17: -
18: respect / sceptre /spectre,
19: lancet, blame, elapse / please,
20: ideals, years,
21: marble, mange, aides / ideas,
22: quid,
23: -

Nicaea, nuance, affricate, latinised, unspelled, el Quidan, imagines, calefacient, maladies, failance, persecute, cruellest, semipagan, el Quida, enigma, recaptures, furnace, prowl, cafeterias, lectures, treescape, aquifer, renegers, quell, pleasing, Africa, maids, atremble, quantile, lecture, pleasure, Selene, maidens, release, lamb, respect, lancet, ideals, blame, years, ideas, elapsed.

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