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Nostradamus C5 Q50: Two brothers cloned from Jesus relics come of age
Copyright: Allan Webber, December 2015, Feb 2023

List of verses in Superape seriesEpistle quote for two children Barren Lady Daughter two childrenThis verse refers to the future time when the man cloned from 'relics' of Jesus comes of age. The text begins with The year the brothers of the Lily come of age, one of them will hold the great Romania. This wording is enough to suggest there are two brothers who may be twins. More than that it gives high quality links to the story of the once barren Lady.

In the quote from Nostradamus' 1558 Epistle to Henry the  son  that is unfaithful after confirmation  into the Catholic Church is said to have three distant regions namely Romany, Germany and Spain. And of the daughter it is stated her domineering ways see her fall into the paganism sect of the new infidels.


Now C5 Q50 carries one of only two anagrams that occur in Nostradamus' prophecies. This verse also has an anagram for Spain.

Epistle quote for two children Barren Lady Daughter two brothersAlso relevant is the link of another part of the once barren Lady quote in the Epistle to the third line of this verse's text.

The quote says the second of the Barren Lady's sons advances if accompanied by the Latins and then  forge a passage way across across the Pyrenees.


The quote also suggest this way is a furious and trembling path. In this verse the text refers to the mountains trembling and a Latin passage opening.


These are grounds to believe these are parts of the same story and that assumption makes many things clearer. For instance one of the parties involved is the son of the barren Lady and hence the uncle to the brothers of the Lily in this verse. And the quote also gives detail to the trembling mountain mentioned in the verse. It is the Pyrenees.


And the quote for the Barren  Lady Family shown above gives a basis for believing the Lady's barrenness  was overcome by genetic science. This is implied by the statement and of these [children] two will not have had the same father.  The anagrams suggest she was targetted because of her lineage to be the maternal parent of clones.


Nostradamus C5 Q50 Two great Brothers Quarrel  Spain Romania Mountains tremble Sensory geneThese children are clones from the same DNA but story in this verse given by the anagrams suggests they are raised in two different places, Spain and the Aegaen. and they will unite to invade countries around the Black Sea. The anagrams that allow this focus to be found include unveiled graal unites a modern evil (ie L'vn dei - ux tien -ra la g, a modeRn, ie L'v), Spain towns later stage (nts ouu- ert Lat - in paſ -ſage T) and Aegaen duly refuels Seer clan (en aage - L'an q - ue les fr - eres - du ly).


Once these connections had been established it was apparent to me that this verse was logically paired with C4 Q94



 DATA Section

The year that the brothers of the lily come of age
One of them will hold the great Romania
The mountains to tremble, Latin passage opened,
Agreement to march against the fort of Armenia.
L'an que les freres du lys ſeront en aage
L'vn deux tiendra la grande Romanie
Trembler les monts ouuert Latin paſſage
Pache macher contre fort d'Armenie.
L1: <~ornatenesS duly refers gaLena (an age) sequel~><Sensory duels referes neat gaLena><Seer duly refuels aegean gLan><squalene gaLena refers><a gaLena tonne duly refers sequel>

L2:<oldeR-anagam trained Lvne uxed in Line><andRaemon unveiLed graal><danger Roman unveiLed><modeRn graal><eviL man><~Roman end xtrained unveiLed graal~><Lvne exit due aRranged amino><ireland aRranged> garland

L3: <SpainS greaT touuns rattle><some touuns paganiSeS Latter Term><in Later SagaS solemn touuers Tremble>

L4: <centroarch reformAted><dreamt cheaP-machine for><ciPhernAme fordate><remAined cheaP>chore encroach

1: cipher-name, moon-sets, unveiled,
2: older-anagram, reformated, paganises, platina, Antipas,
3: encroach, Aegean, touuns,
4: Andraemon,
5: fortread, squalene, Spains,
6: ornateness, unitex, duly,
7: ruleout, sensory, passage, sagas,
8: centroarch, pliant, latter / rattle, Qlan,
9: -
10: refuels, modern, venial,
11: outrules, 
12: remained, tenuous, gates / stage,
13: morsel, exit,
14: dreamt, paint, spans,
15: -
16: algae,
17: duetx,
18: miner,
19: ermine, pains / Spain,
20: arranged, cheap, uuoes, gases / sages, feels / flees,
21: resell / seller, souu.
22: -
23: -

cipher-name, moon-sets, unveiled, reformated, older-anagram, Andraemon, fortread, Antipas, encroach, paganises, Aegean, towns, Spains, ornateness, duly, unites, ruleout, sensory, passage, pliant, sagas, rattle, Qlan, refuels, modern, venial, morsel, dreamt, tenuous, stage, remained, miner, arranged, paint, centroarch, exit, spans, algae, outrules, seller, feels, cheap, gases, woes.


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