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Nostradamus C5 Q51: West unites to tackle pollution but starts a religious war
Copyright: Allan Webber, December 2015, 2022

The Decadent verse series in Nostradamus' PropheciesNostradamus guide in his 1558 Epistle to Henry [HEE7] about decadent eventsDecadence stands out as one of Nostradamus major ciphers via its usage in the quotes from his 1558 Epistle (see left). There are only two anagrams based on that term to be found in the Prophecies. C5 Q51 is one of these and C10 Q11 is the other. In itself that factor is enough for me to choose these two as the leading pair in the series of verses linked to decadence.

Both verses refer to movement of people across European boundaries. The decadent factor in this verse is related to illness in refugees arising from callous work practices.

This verse follows on from the themes in C5 Q50 and gives more detail on how people in the West react to the environmental and financial mess that precedes the religious wars at the end of this century.

Nostradamus Prophecies verse C5 Q51 dDecadent Angel cruel Bacterins SchedulerThe anagram for decadent in this verse is found in the start of the first line with an anagrams for angel found at one end (ne Lag_ent de Dac) and  elegant Decade (e Lagent_de Dac). The impression from these occurrences are of a time before the main tragedy of the late twenty-first century when people welcome the guidance of a leader whose character is marred by their attitude to those in need.

# bacterins: vaccines prepared from killed bacteria.
chlorellaceous: any freshwater unicellular green alga of the the genus chlorella
Lille: city in north of France next to Belgium border.
The people of Dacia, England, Poland
And of Bohemia will make a new league
To pass beyond the pillars of Hercules,
The Barcelonians and Tuscans will prepare a cruel plot
La gent de Dace d'Angleterre et Polonne
Et de Boeſme feront nouuelle ligue
Pour paſſer outre d'Hercules la colonne
Barcins Tyrrens dreſſer crue le brique
L1: <elegAnt Decade err on entangLed Plot><Decadent angeL><none Plot tree eLegant Dead glAnced><angeL glAnce Dated tree><tree looP Decadent dAngle anGel tree><gentler tree loop>

L2: <oBeSe fomenter nouuell guile><oBeSe towwn foremen><Some deBt not free no uuell guile>

L3: <~euroPe-paSS / euroPaSS nonlocal route scHeduler~><cHlorellaceous (cells with chlorophyl) SapS rerouted><Her local clues none detour> arouSeS

L4: <reScuerS carBines renders Try><cruel Barberique SeerS>BacTerins (bacterial vaccines)
1: chlorellaceous, bacterins, rescuers,
2: reschedule, entangled, anteceded, decadent, Neuuton,
3: fomenters, nonlegal, glanced, carbine, foremen, decade,
4: scheduler, carbines, obese,
5: lurched, rescuer, local,
6: entangle, negated, renders,
7: fomenter, rerouted,
8: retry,
9: dated, loop / pool, crab,
10: barque, touun, cool,
11: gentler, plot,
12: -
13: gentle,
14: -
15: solace, Lille,
16: reroutes, arouses,
17: Nouuell, eagle,
18: elegant, reroute, uuell, recur,
19: guile, poet,
20: angled, redress, debt,
21: -
22: rebel, herd.
23: -

rescuer, reschedule, entangled, chlorellaceous, pool, bacterins, anteceded, decadent, Newton, fomenter, nonlegal, carbines, obese, foremen, glanced, decade, lurched, renders, dated, debt, rerouted, Lille, barque, retry, local, town, cool, gentler, eagle, Nowell, plot, negated, arouses, solace, elegant, poet, guile, recur, angled, redress, rebel, herd.


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