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Nostradamus C5 Q52: Chemicals in mushrooms used to enhance visions disrupt Soviet investment plans.
Copyright: Allan Webber, December 2015

Nostradamus Prophecies verse C5 Q52 Soviet Investors proposal to use phytase from boletus  in experiments to see the future are opposed.In order to resolve a major pollution issue affecting river-waters European countries resort to the use of powerful chemicals such as isopropanol ( onra l'oppoſi) and phytase (aſte hyp) but these prove ineffective for this purpose and cause those reliant on it to perish in great numbers. These factors will give a foreign king the excuse to invade and to impose his rash regime.

Anagrams that help in giving meaning to this verse include:

1. Quaysider radion opposal isopropanol proposal on Soviet investor site
2. Zeus useless rulers sex genre lies
3. Delegations seeing piloted  gene enlarge rectangle they designate as hype
4. Boletus soups get loftier seeing along poems  subtle engines tells 

# isopropanol: an industrial compound; also called isopropyl alcohol or propanol.
phytase: an enzyme largely found in fungii that converts phosphorous compounds to a useable form.
There will be a King who will give opposition
The exiles raised over the realm
The pure poor people to swim in blood,
& for a long time he flourishes under this sign
Vn Roy ſera qui donra l'oppoſite
Les exilez eſleuez ſur le regne
De ſang nager la gent caſte hyppolite
Et florira long temps ſoubs telle enſiegne.
L1: <propanol Site><iNvestoR yearS><Square ordain> <SoViet popal> <propoSal inVeRt> <iSopropanol aquired>polar

L2: <elSe zeuS rule gene> <sex liez elSe uze rulerS gene>

L3: <gang DeSpoliate they enlarge caSt><polite DaneS regal / large gang enactS hype> <the aScent><DelegationS anger> <Disentangle a large> <rectangle> <DeSignate range angle / angel caSt>

L4:<poemS bluest /subtle gene-lines><flEet engineS> <loftiEr engineS><bulletS Seen> along geneSite
1: quaysider, disentangle, despoliate,  isopropanol, propanol, proposal,,  opposal, piloted, phytase,
2: bullets, they,
3: investor, genelines,
4: delegations,  designate, ordinal, rectangle,
5: boletus, ruzeless, hype, Zeus, envoys,
6: loftier,
7: Soviet, subtle, pilot,
8: polite, belts,
9: inverts, bouts, haste,
10: tubes,
11: Quida, tells, gang,
12: engines, Roland, ordain, fleet,
13: Eastend, exile(s),
14: invert, bust, liez, Seth,
15: fortel, Selene,
16: -
17: invest, Lexis,
18: rulers,
19: ensign, left, felt,
20: years, zees,
21: chaste / cheats / scathe / scheat, ruler,
22: Iraqu, quid,
23: leuees, sleeue.

quaysider, opposal, piloted, fleet, proposal, disentangle, isopropanol, propanol, poplar, boletus, phytase, they, designate, useless, bullets, subtle, hype, polite, investor, inverts, delegations, ordinal, rectangle, Soviet, loftier, radion, belts, despoliate, Quida, gang, heats, engines, tubes, tells, ensign, bust, Seth, Selene, Lexis, felt, years, invest, Iraqu, ruler, levees, cheats.


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