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Nostradamus C5 Q54: A future warrior mirrors the brutal regime of Tamerlane.
Copyright: Allan Webber, December 2015

There are several anagrams in the third line that clearly define the purpose of this verse and that purpose is the defining of an allusion for a leader from Central Asia who will mimic the feats of Turko-Mongul warlord Tamerlane and establish an empire covering much the same land as was taken in the 14th Century. The anagrams for Tamerlane areal trainee reveal that the purpose of the verse is to bring out not only the regions but the ambitions and cruely of this future leader and those in his military camp.

The text of this verse is closely aligned to that of C5 Q73 which also holds an anagram for Tamerlane. That verse clearly states that it is a religious war in which the the Arab nations in allegiance with people of the North successfully invade Europe.

Anagrams that help in giving meaning to this verse include:

elegant legate grant[e]d Tartar graal radiature repudiator pound upon euxenite [rare earth mineral]
Du pont Euxine et la grand Tartarie

unravel version quares (queries) diviner aquiver unvaried royal grail value  
Vn roi ſera qui viendra voir la Gaule

trainee painters carpenters career Talermane eternal mineral [e.g. uranium] miner partners
Tranſpercera Alane et l'Armenie

date Sabians basis bandits cannibalises agrarians lair San-Graal league elated 
Et dans Biſance lairra ſanglante Gaule.

# Tamerlane / Timur: 14th C Mongul Conqueror who restored the Empire established by Genghis Khan; born in Transoxania (Central Asia)
# Tartar: name for some of the peoples living in Central Asia between the times of Ghenkis Khan and Tamerlane.
# Sabians: an Eastern people of the Book mentioned in the Quran.
# Euxenite: mineral containing radioactive rare earths
From beyond the Black Sea and great Tartary,
There will be a King who will come to see Gaul,
He will pierce through Alania and Armenia,
And within Byzantium will he leave his bloody rod.
Du pont Euxine et la grand Tartarie
Vn roi ſera qui viendra voir la Gaule
Tranſpercera Alane et l'Armenie
Et dans Biſance lairra ſanglante Gaule
L1: <Euxenite (rare earth) darT irate argental pounD><TarrieD upon Euxenite><Tartar Die upon Euxenite garland><Euxinite graal> <unitEx elegant repuDiator>

L2: <~diviner Square Value Grail iron ova~><~divine quare Graal ovari reVulSion~><iraquoiS invader unraVel Grail><~iraqu Senior Value Grail ova driven~><divine quare variolar Version>

L3: <tamerlAne areaL Trainee><~carpenTerS terminAl Area lean~><Span tAmerlane enTire Career><Ala career parenTS eternaL mine><~Ala career perTains eternAl men~>parTnerS

L4: <Bandits anGulate agrarianS lanceS><leaGue datE canniBaliSes arraS><Sangraal agent lair><a aGent leaue lanceS BanditS arraigns><clean air>
1: cannibalises, repudiator, vivandier, revulsion, agrarians, reversion, variolar, aquiver,
2: reversional, carpenters, San-Graal, bandits, Tartar, vii,
3: radiature, eupatrid, euxenite, Sabians, version,
4: terminal, eversion,
5: angulate, venular / unravel, divine, tarried,
6: arraigns, diviner, unitex, bands,
7: partners, value,
8: Tamerlane, rosarie,
9: xiu / xui,
10: Arras,
11: pertains / painters, Dupont, mineral, legate, league,
12: cabins, creeps, Anael,
13: -
14: pound, grail, basis,
15: uaried, career,
16: -
17: argental, eternal,
18: elegant, trainee, elated, slang, miner, bans,
19: tirade, ermine, upon,
20: -
21: -
22: basin, Iraqu, creep.
23: -

vivandier, agrarians, revulsion, cannibalises, repudiator, reversional, carpenters, aquiver, Tartar, bandits, radiature, bans, euxenite, mineral, Sabians, terminal, version, unravel, divine, partners, value, Tamerlane, career, unites, bands, basis, eternal, grail, varied, San-Graal, Arras, painters, league, trainee, legate, pound, upon, elegant, tirade, basin, creep, elated, Iraqu.






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