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Nostradamus C5 Q56: Young prelate rises high in the Church despite his rape of a virgin.
Copyright: Allan Webber, December 2015

This verse uses an ancient Saint called Petronilla (eillart pon) as a model for referencing the crime of a future Pope and by the anagrams it is implied that the act that weakens the See is related to his having sex with a young maiden while she was a virgin and then ensures she is never in a position to reveal what has happened to anyone who might act on her behalf.

Anagrams that help in giving meaning to this verse include:

paler ape pastured stewards ill art Petronilla pluralities point
Par le treſpas du treſuieillart pontife

erase domain rules abondoning bone age
Sera eſleu Romain de bon aage

qualif[i]ers equaliser radicil[i]se quadrisect (4 equal parts) sequel lieges beseiged Isle d'If
Qu'il ſera dict que le ſiege debiffe

elongated integrated date depict town two war age quantic regulate
Et long tiendra et de picquant ouurage

# Petronilla: An early Christian Saint venerated as a virgin-martyr.
quantic: a simple mathematical function with two variables.
Through the passing away of the very old Pontiff
A Roman of good age will be elected,
Of him it will be said that he weakens his see,
But long will he sit and in biting activity.
Par le treſpas du treſuieillart pontife
Sera eſleu Romain de bon aage
Qu'il ſera dict que le ſiege debiffe
Et long tiendra et de picquant ouurage
L1: <PrelateS truSSed if raPe petronilla (Saint)><Prelate Spreads uuaterlilieS><~not if PrelateS raPe rudeSt pluralities><Prelate ill art point uuierdeSt Spears><patron reuise paStured Prelate ill fit><patron ill sEruitude repaSs Prelate> <steuuards><Repeal><truSsed> <uteruS paSsed>uuriteS patrol / portal

L2: <maiden loueRS eraSe age><~domain RuleS aa bone agreeS~><Seer main bone auReoles aag><moiRa bedon an eraS age><aag amino rules boned>

L3: <acrid reliQueS><acid liQuerS><Squalider eff beSieged><ff eQualiSer><Sequel><elSe quadriSect><if beSeiged>diSraeli reSidual radicleS

L4: <rEgulated out on integrated piquance><agreE touun picqed integrated lot><dEnoting quanto augur predicate><long uuar trained quanto deceipt><outgEneral touun denigrate depict> <denoting quantic predate lEgate><epic denoting quantic trade>
1: quadrisect, Petronilla, predicated, radicles, beseiged,
2: waterlilies, integrated, squalider, denoting, steuuards, departed / predated, tinged,
3: pluralities, piquance, uueirdest / seruitude, Disraeli, deceipt, aureoles, FBI / fib,
4: predicate, equaliser, trussed, residual, depict,
5: outgeneral, liquers, uurites, acid,
6: quantic, predate,
7: regulate, passed, bend, fife,
8: denigrate, reliques, domain, 
9: -
10: Raimond, patrol / portal, outrun, ingot, touun, uterus / suture, acrid,
11: spreads, legate, ticq,
12: pastured, darted / traded,
13: literal, elegies, augur,
14: release,
15: releases,
16: epic,
17: -
18: dust,
19: -
20: maiden,
21: feint, tuuo, agree,
22: retained, Prelates, uuager.
23: -

stewards, denoting, Petronilla, squalider, pluralities, integrated, fib, servitude, deceipt, beseiged, quadrisect, waterlilies, predicated, radicles, tinged, aureoles, piquance, Disraeli, equaliser, trussed, residual, liquers, acid, writes, quantic, elegies, predate, epic, regulate, domain, Raimond, denigrate, reliques, portal, passed, depict, fife, outrun, ingot, town, spreads, acrid, dust, legate, tick, literal, augur, release, maiden, releases, two, agree, Prelates, wager, retained.




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