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Nostradamus C5 Q58: Regions with a history of invasion will once again fall to a cruel regime.
Copyright: Allan Webber, December 2015

The city of Uticense and its aqueduct given in the first line of text refers to an ancient city in Africa that ceased to be populated in the 8th century CE but in the context of this verse it is meant to be an allusion for a city along the Garonne. The verse contains an anagram for Cathars ( ra tasch) that is applicable to residents of the Garonne region in the 12th to 14th century CE. Another anagram for Gedrosia ( ſe Gardoi) identifies a Persian region through which Alexander the Great passed in the 4th century BC. The use of these names is unlikely to represent a dating mechanism but rather it gives the locations associated with a future brutal invader. This is in keeping with verses in this section which then suggests that the warrior is the Tamerlane-like figure identified in C5 Q54, a muslim warrior who is quite terrble in his treatment of those he conquers.

The named supergiants Rigel (C5 Q83), Regulus (C5 Q88), Antares (C5 Q58), Canopus (C8 Q63) and Deneb (C5 Q15) can all be seen as anagrams in the Prophecies. Usage of these prominent stars as his prime pointers for dates is consistent with his stated approach to astronomic date codes.

Anagrams that help in giving meaning to this verse include:

genetics organised leading agencies desecrating Gedrosia deduct equal incent[i]ves
De l'aqueduct d'Vticenſe Gardoing

paler flora reset test ointment remotest Sibls access
Par la foreſt et mont inacceſſible

Astarte chase up opening mind portunes duPont castrates Cathars
En my du pont ſera tasche au poing

fleech (coax) name Quints quaintest libeler Antares Terra rebel entreats
Le chef nemans qui tant ſera terrible

# Gedrosia: Ancient name for the coastal region stretching from the Indus River to the Gulf of Hormuz- in the 4thC BC Alexander the Great passed through this region.
Quint: Charles Quint was the name given by the French to the Holy Roman Emperor in the time of Nostradamus.
Pontus: Turkish port on the Southern coast of the Black Sea.

# Astarte: chief fertility, sexuality and war Goddess of many ancient people.
Cathars: A dualist Christian sect of the 12th to 14th centuries

Antares: Alpha Scorpii - one of the group of four stars known as the 'Royal Stars of Persia (Regulus, Aldebaran & Fomalhaut)
By the aqueduct of Uticense over the Garonne,
Through the forest and inaccessible mountain,
In the middle of the bridge there will be cut in the hand
The chief of nemans who will be very terrible.
De l'aqueduct d'Vticenſe Gardoing
Par la foreſt et mont inacceſſible
En my du pont ſera tasche au poing
Le chef nemans qui tant ſera terrible
L1: adoring GeneticS deduct equal V><~Vncited leD orGaniSed>
<aGencieS aligned rod><dangerS evict><adoring GeneSic Deal><ageS inVect>decreSinG deSecratinG ordain / radion nieceS

L2: <foretaSte / foreState nonaSceticiSm><totem forseal><remoteSt Paralel of bliSS><Set flora ointment acceSS><nation met reaP Astrofel (a bitter herb - may equal Aster)>

L3: <cheats opEning up my pound rates><catharS Set upon><cash rateS><cheats treaSon><each astra Set up pound>portuneS aStarten caStrates

L4: <antareS fLeech quints (16thC Holy Roman Emperor) terrible name><arbiter quainteSt names> <quintainS 5th day> name treatS Libel err><manquens taint eAster><nitrateS / Straiten / inState />retreatS / reiterateS quins quits
1: nonasceticism, soundtype, moneying, ointment, euphonia, castrates, Gedrosia, genetics,
2: decreasing, montanic, aqueduct, quintans, opening, quints, access,
3: desecrating, foretaste / forestate, Cathars, equaled, libeler, motets, 
4: quaintest, agenesic / agencies, remotest, radio, mynd,
5: Pontus, pigeon,
6: adoring, retreats, Astarte, motet,
7: grandiose / organised, terrible, invect,
8: Patterson, aligned / dealing / leading, 
9: quins,
10: Astrofel, nitrates / straiten, Sibl,
11: Dupont,
12: portunes, ordain / radion, quits,
13: Antares, evict,
14: pound,
15: entreats, anoint / nation, nieces,
16: -
17: instate,
18: -
19: grades, upon,
20: angled, flora,
21: taints, cheats / chaste / scathe / scheat, chats, educt,
22: encites, forest / softer, libel, foal,
23: doing.

Gedrosia, nonasceticism, genetics, castrates, libeler, Astrofel, nitrates, angled, flora, grades, ointment, Sibl, portunes, Cathars, decreasing, montanic, aqueduct, opening, access, foretaste, quaintest, agencies, desecrating, remotest, radio, mind, Pontus, pigeon, organised, Astarte, retreats, quints, terrible, totem, invect, Antares, aligned, entreats, nation, instate, pound, nieces, encites, upon, cheats, softer, foal.



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