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Nostradamus C5 Q59: The 21st C fate of towns in which Nostradamus once lived.
Copyright: Allan Webber, December 2015

When the religious war terminating man's reign begins at the end of the century places where nuclear power plants exist will be at huge risk. This theme is localised by Nostradamus by his inclusion of an anagram for Golfechians ( chef Anglois a) a name for peoples close to Agen where he once lived. Alongside Golfechians is an anagram for St Remy ( ymes tr) which is the name of the town in Provence where Nostradamus was born and raised. This verse gives a set events occurring at a time when asteroids begin to fall anda  fateful war commences. Other verses in this section also have similar connections to places well known to Nostradamus .

Anagrams that help in giving meaning to this verse include:

Golfechians amnesty St Remy my poetries proje[c]ts our monasterywarr
Au chef Anglois a Nymes trop ſeiour

pleasures Lesser Bear paganise cause pleasing sources breed anarobe
Deuers l'Eſpaigne au ſecours Aenobarbe

wiser rumors rampant armour wrote worse Plow projecture
Plusieurs mourrant par Mars ouuert ce jour

banQueter ill Art enable riots in Sofia enable rations fail etoile annotater is fertilisational
Quant en Artois faillir eſtoile en barbe

# Golfechian: a commune and Nuclear Plant 30km upstream from Agen on the Garonne.

Too long a stay for the English chief at Nimes,
Towards Spain Redbeard to the rescue
Many will die by war opened that day,
When a bearded star will fall in Artois.
Au chef Anglois a Nymes trop ſeiour
Deuers l'Eſpaigne au ſecours Aenobarbe
Plusieurs mourrant par Mars ouuert ce jour
Quant en Artois faillir eſtoile en barbe
L1: <golfechiAns uuAr amNesty><maNy golfecechiaNs uuAr iSotrope><uuAr losing opieS moNastery>Along stremy

L2: <~a barbeD one paganiSE reuels Source uSe~><A barbeD one use aEgipeanS ursAe ruleS><Due lESser bear Aegipan use><guinea plEaSures Anarabe Sources>,eAson guinea plEaSures Barbed>uneaSe rEpulSes

L3: <rumours ran raMpart touuers><uuiser reject arMours rampant rouus><true paraMours>Projecture uuorse coutures ejector surmise usuries

L4: <iller riotS enable banQueter><banQueter enable rAtions fail><Annotater is filial Store><banQue Store fertilisAtional enabler>
1: fertilisational, Golfechians, projecture, banqueter, annotater, rampant, ejector, Minyas, surmise, reject,
2: oysterman / monastery, ramparts, rumours, uuorms,
3: paganise, prouuls, amnesty, anarobe, entrant, enable(r),
4: paramours, rampart, barbed, St-Remy, Aegina, Sofia,
5: banquet, Aegipan, sillier, prouul, banque,
6: -
7: repulses, Caeneus, rumors, fang,
8: foist, Ruach, unease,
9: armours, Arnebo,
10: barque, fails, many,
11: elapsing / pleasing, pleasures, ratio,
12: Pelasgi,
13: toils, breed,
14: rouus,
15: -
16: coutures, usuries, chafe, Ormus / Romus, Joue,
17: Parma, Ieuus / uuise, been,
18: -
19: uuiles, bared / bread,
20: sources, uuoes,
21: Baron, terms, souu,
22: uuiser, Bearn,
23: couture.

Golfechians, amnesty, fertilisational, annotater, surmise, banqueter, projecture, reject, monastery, barbed, ramparts, rumours, rampant, paramours, enable, anarobe, worms, paganise, entrant, sillier, rumor, prowls, St-Remy, Aegina, Aegipan, banque, repulses, Ruach, ejector, foist, unease, armours, Arnebo, barque, many, toils, fails, pleasing, Pelasgi, coutures, breed, usuries, pleasures, ratio, chafe, Ormus, Jove, sources, Baron, owes.

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