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Nostradamus C5 Q60: Bernardin de Baux as an early patron of Nostradamus.
Copyright: Allan Webber, December 2015

Nostradamus Prophecies verse C5 Q60 The tale of Benardin, The Great Corsair is at the heart of this verse. Bernardin was Lord of Baux in Nostradamus youth and hence his neighbour.n the Alpilles a few kilometres from St Remy, Provence where Nostradamus was born there is today the restored ruins of a hill fort called Les Baux.

At the time of Nostradamus' early years the castle and town were still intact and the Baron of Baux was the corsair named Bernardin ( ndra bien) des Baux (died 1527).

 This man held extensive properties in Marseille ( mal eſlire) and it was his garden in which at a later date (1533) Catherine de Medici and Henry II were married. Catherine and Henri were only fourteen at the time but over the next twenty years she had a fascination for Nostradamus' prophecies about her family.

And throughout this period the Medici family was one of the most powerful in the world with its major banking base in Tuscany, a land which in ancient time had been called Etruria ( ur et rai).

It is anagrams such as those in the foregoing introduction that classify this verse as one about people in Nostradamus' life and particularly those who were his patrons and associates.

Anagrams that help in giving meaning to this verse include:

1. Bernardin envied assertive Milanese; Marseille repair part allies erase
2. Seaports enographe separates cause genarch accuse Pauls gene
3. Etruria diaries rarefied frigateer readings truer  fewer
4. Aqua agents featu'es set out textures enhancer
By the shaven head a very bad choice is made
Overburdened he will not pass the gate
He will speak with such great fury and rage,
That to fire and blood he consigns the entire sex
Par teſte raſe viendra bien mal eſlire
Plus que ſa charge ne porte paſſera
Si grand fureur et raige fera dire
Qu'a feu et ſang tout ſexe trenchera.
L1: <milaneSe letter-Pairs eraSe><~aSSertive rePeat bernadin marSeille><~Set Part relieS abramelin inverSed era~><male PerilS invaderS retreatS><~iSrael rePeatS eaSter minable driven~> marienbad rePriSal teSter varieS rePair

L2: <aSchera (asteroid) port apeS gene><chaperonage taper SpearS><Pauls casque rehang><aPpeaSerS encharge port> PulqueS SeaportS reopen

L3: <triage rarefied readingS><etruria refund><daring raiderS><~frigate raider rue fur readingS><feared triage riSe><refrigerate dairieS>grainS agrief

L4: <hence to agents faQe-uuar textureS><aQua retrench>
1: Abramelin, chaperonage, imbannered, textures,
2: Marienbad, enographe, assertive, casques,
3: frigate, diaries, rarefied, sextet, fund,
4: Bernadin, reprisal, separates, appeasers, retrench, pulques, minable, 
5: raider,
6: retreats, raiders, exerts, reopen,
7: seaports, varies, farding, sEmaniel, agrief,
8: -
9: Marseille, charge, Etruria, save, Freud,
10: genearch, casque,
11: Milanese, seaport, trench,
12: Aschera,
13: -
14: aperto, triage, allies,
15: enamel, exert,
16: averse, bard, aqua,
17: -
18: -
19: brand,
20: stout,
21: Erbian, centre / center / recent,
22: unseat,
23: hence.

chaperonage, imbannered, diaries, Abramelin, textures, Marienbad, exercent (professional), casques, rarefied, assertive, enographe, appeasers, fund, Bernadin, frigate, sextet, separates, reprisal, raider, retreats, reopen, farding, seaports, Emaniel, agrief, varies, charge, Marseille, exerts, Etruria, genearch, save, Milanese, seaport, allies, brand, triage, hence, Erbian, centre, unseat, Aschera.





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