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Nostradamus C5 Q65: Persia to invade Europe after the 21st century.
Copyright: Allan Webber, December 2015

This verse is linked to the previous two verses by many means of which some are Perseids panic ( es Des pri -ncipa)- Perseus (C5 Q63), Persia ( raiſe p) - Perses Leagues (C5 Q63),  Bearn tamed ( t dame - en bra) - Bearn (C5 Q64). And within this verse the anagrams for Europeans ( a peu ſeron) / Europes ( peu ſero) identify the peoples that will be subject to the events raised in this sequence of verses. The use of longest axled and Perseids implies that the year is to be found when the Polestar reaches its zenith at the turn of the next century.

Anagrams that help in giving meaning to this verse include:

unbiased bit fearful enfuel eventful year argues arranges dangers
Subit venu l'effrayeur ſera grande

prides panic USA lead affair each race chased Perseids (meteor showers)
Des principaux de l'affaire caches

date named made insuperable sense Serbian avenue Selenus erase
Et dame en braiſe plus ne sera enveue

Europeans flagrantness each speech aweep
Ce peu a peu ſeront les grans faches

# Selenus: pseodonym for the author of a book on cryptograhy written in 1624 by Augustus of Brunswick-Luneburg.
Come suddenly the terror will be great,
Hidden by the principal ones of the affair
And the lady on the charcoal will no longer be in view
Thus little by little will the great ones be angered
Subit venu l'effrayeur ſera grande
Des principaux de l'affaire caches
Et dame en braiſe plus ne sera enveue
Ce peu a peu ſeront les grans faches
L1: <reuse fearful vent arranged bi uS><uSer arranged year><arguerS eventful fray urbaniSed><fearful vent unbiaSed >

L2: <uxed perSeids (mid-Aug meteor shower) panic><princes chaseD leaf afire><each affair spiDers panic luxed>heeDs

L3: <era venue made inSuperable sense><unless even perSia benamed> <Serbia Emendate><brainS pulse seen datE era venue><ensures avenue><raven ensues><bearn iS tamed pulse seen>Serbian debarment

L4: <europeS flagrantness><europeanS largest fans><longest uSer><Caches fans> <pauSe eu speeCh> pupae
1: insuperableness, flagrantness, insuperable, urbanised, eventful, unbiased, benamed,
2: debarment, emendate, fearful,
3: arguers, affair,
4: dispenser,
5: runeless, spiders, Selenus,
6: Perseids / presides, arranges, effray, unless, enfuel,
7: Pacini, brains, speech, raffle,
8: Europeans, subedit, longest, ensures, avenue,
9: largest, axled, brain,
10: Serbian, caches (2x), panic, pupae,
11: mated / tamed, heeds,
12: arrange, fray,
13: Chesed, prides, ensues,
14: chafes, venue,
15: arefy, / faery,
16: chafe,
17: princes, Serbia, raven, been,
18: chased, speeds, shed,
19: Europes,
20: strangle, arranged,
21: pressed, Erbian,
22: graels, Bearn, Medea, year.
23: -

insuperable, urbanised, flagrantness, benamed, eventful, unbiased, debarment, arguers, fearful, speech, arranges, unless, year, Europeans, brains, enfuel, Perseids, Selenus, largest, runeless, avenue, ensures, subedit, longest, axled, affair, Serbian, panic, heeds, fray, arrange, princes, mated, prides, ensues, Serbia, raven, chafes, chased, Europes, graels, Erbian, Bearn, arranged, raffle, strangle, Medea.

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