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Nostradamus C5 Q68: A descendant of Henry IV will lead a foreign army into France.
Copyright: Allan Webber, December 2015

Nostradamus C5 Q68 In Danube & Rhine rivers he comes to drink unrepentant so those of Rhone tremble and those of Loire even more while near Alps Coq ruins himThis verse tells the story of a treaty that shapes the destiny of distant places. At one level it is the tale of King Henry IV of France who needed to switch his religious allegiance in 1593 in order to end the four-year challenge on his right to hold the throne. The focal point for this version of the story is the anagram of Henri IV ( Rhin vie) in the first line. Henri had ongoing ties to the Ottoman Empire and traces of his connections can be found throughout many of the verses with his attempts to launch an invasion on Spain from Bearn in 1575 being relevant to this verse. Henry's story also serves as an allusion suggesting that the invasion of France in the 21st century is partially engineered by one of Henry's descendants.

Anagrams that help in giving meaning to this verse include:

1. Undebated duet Henri IV brand DNA leads Danes bandoliers
2. Serpentaire chamade alerting Graal unseen danger
3. Meter rumbled resound for plenteous croft exclude rioter
4. Peters deals pleased desperate places liquer locks ruin era

# chamade: archaic militray term for a drums or trumpets signalling a desire to talk.
In Danube and Rhine rivers coming to drink
The great Camel not repenting this act
Those of Rhone tremble & of Loire much more
and near the Alps the Cock ruins him.
Dans le Danube et du Rhin viendra boire
Le grand Chameau ne s'en repentira
Trembler du Rosne et plus fort ceux de Loire
Et pres des Alpes coq le ruinera.
L1: <henRi iv duet><broaden irelanDs><invader banDoliers / inDorsable><unDebated lanDs> slanDereD

L2: <serpentine reaL danger><marChand Large unease><pertain serene Grael><preseen danger entraiL / reLiant / Latrine><marChand triangLe preen unease>Larger reLating / aLtering unsee repent

L3: <futorcs plenteous meTer bluRred><rioTer excLude><noRse reTire rumbled><noRse ruled><Tremble unRestored><futorcs uxed>sounDer fructose lumbered

L4: <urine rate loq plAces pressed / depress><prEdates cloqs elApse/ pleAse ruin era> <~sErpentaire rule pleAsed coqs / socq~><cloqs dEsperate lApses><rEpeat redseAs ruin> scope edessA liquer
1: HENRI-IV, CHAMADE, UNDEBATED, FUTHORCS, BLURRED, fructose, lumbered, rumbled, locqs,
2: bandoliers, indorsable, marchand, cloq / locq,
3:SERPENTAIRE, SERPENTINE, inter-regal / realtering, plenteous, serpentine,
4: spleenuuorts, planeteri, DESPERATE,
5: croft, 
6: slandered, handcar,
7: unrestored, elapsed / pleased,
9: alerting / altering / RELATING / triangle, predates, SCOPE, UNSEEN,
10: retire,
11: Irelands, repeaters, liquer, achem,
12: oiled,
13: Rennes, Urdr,
14: exclude, sounder, reliant,
15: -
16: bard,
17: pertain, elapses / pleases,
18: trainee,
19: brand, elapse / please, Edessa,
20: rioter, inept,
21: pressed, Durer / ruder,
22: Redseas, coq,
23: deluxe, lends.

Serpentaire, chamade, rumbled, altering, Henri IV, inter-regal, locks, undebated, marchand, blurred, plenteous, croft, desperate, bandoliers, slandered, unrestored, places, broaden, unease, alerting, elapsed, scope, predates, Irelands, liquer, unseen, Rennes, retire, exclude, sounder, brand, bard, reliant, pertain, trainee, Edessa, pressed, Redseas, inept, rioter.


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