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Nostradamus C5 Q71: The Prophets interest in the end of commercial whaling.
Copyright: Allan Webber, December 2015

Nostradamus Prophecies verse C5 Q57 Nostredame engvisagers dreamt whale bone engravers tabulationThe text of this verse should be read as an incident at sea involving a whale hunt and this unlikely story-line is found within the anagrams but in a commercial setting rather than a military one. The anagrams that lead to this inclusion include epaulard ( dra l'eau P) meaning a student of whales, blades ( bles a d), bones ( es nob) and spume ( ſmeu) all of which fit to this creature. To Nostradamus this is a personal interest as shown by the fact he includes the name Nostredame ( Rosne tard me) in the anagrams. It is also apparent that he pursues this topic through his dreams  and at times his feeling alternated ( attendra l'e) and he would grieve anew ( gier ve - enuAu)  as those he saw driven by greed ( rge de) were arraigned( grand raige), charged ( Charge d) and brought before the law (lAuu).

Anagrams with greatest potential to resolve this verse include:

1. Verdun learnt Epaulard equitant unretaliated
2. Epaulard esteem arraigned reexcite cemetries spume outlet
3. Leachus noble ideas agreed blades expediat[e]s tabulate bone tableau
4. I never dreamt Nostredame grieve anew on  grounds Norse law re-envisage
By the fury of one who will wait for the water
By his great rage the entire army moved
Seventeen boats loaded with the noble,
The messenger come late along the Rhone.
Par la fureur d'vn qui attendra l'eau
Par la grand raige tout l'exercite eſmeu
Charge des nobles a dix-ſept bateaulx
Au long du Rosne tard meſſagier venu

Although the above may seem an absurd topic for Nostradamus it is consistent with other verses that deal with treatments based on drugs and ultimately this isn't as improbable as might be first assumed since Nostradamus was a pharmacist and medical practitioner. Also he suffered from oedema, a syndrome that even today has no well-known cause or means of treatment, so using his visionary powers for medical enlightenment would have been more than likely. The treatment method within this verse seems to be based on whale bone used by the rich as sex aides ( es a di - x ſe ) and to renew ageisms dart ( tard - meſſagi - er venu).

L1: <ePaulard (student of whales) equitant (folded leaf base) dreuv><alternated quin>learned verdun quetait (Graal questor) nitrated uuafer unretaliated

L2: <uP cemetrieS outlet graal arraigned> <~sPume re-excite graal drainage outlet~><seem recite to exult reading>

L3: <~ones Charged Six blades luxate (cause bone dislocation)~><tableaux Charged Step x (ten) aid boneless><x (ten) bones Sex ideals><Sex aids nosebleed>tabulate 

L4: <~i never dreamt Sages groundS on lAuu~> <~lAuu on noStredames enviSager dRug~><reuueaving as dreamt><Auu long dreamt soundeR enviSagerS><ageiSmS ardent gRounds veer Aneuu><gaSeS dreamt noRse><reSaving unsoRted dreamS Aneuu><maSSed treason gRound regiven / veering><aS reuueAving long dreamS soundeR /Resound>

1: Nostredames, envisager(s), tabulate, nosebleed, tableaux,
2: reuueaving, cemetries, epaulard, boneless, tableau,
3: unretaliated, Nostredame, reexcites, grounds, spume,
4: alternated, ground, charged, exult, ageisms, stepx, veering, abate,
5: agrieve, clux,
6: arraigned, luxate,
7: nitrated, drainage, reexcite / rexcite, blades, aneuu / uuane,
8: equitant, unsorted, lauu,
9: Nostredam, charge, grieve, uuafer, lobes, esteem,
10: Verdun, giver,
11: unedge,
12: bones,
13: greeds,
14: sounder, dreamt, triage,
15: -
16: radian,
17: Aegis,
18: outlet, agreed, never,
19: reiect / recite, noble,
20: ideals, dreams, gases / sages, beta / beat,
21: aides / ideas, ruder,
22: edges,
23: -

Nostredames, epaulard, envisager, tabulate, nosebleed, reweaving, cemetries, boneless, tableau, Nostredame, reexcites, grounds, spume, unretaliated, alternated, veering, steps, ageisms, abate, Nostredam, grieve, exult, anew, blades, luxate, unsorted, bones, nitrated, drainage, law, charged, arraigned, greeds, Verdun, outlet, esteem, dreamt, sounder, triage, agreed, noble, ideals, never, reject, gases, dreams.


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