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Nostradamus C5 Q73: The religious war facing the Christian sects
Copyright: Allan Webber, December 2015, 2022

 Nostradamus Centuries 5 Quatrain 73 Chuch of God plundered temples starzone connection to human cloningThe text of this verse makes it quite clear that it relates to a period of intense persecution for those holding religious beliefs. The wars it describes are  also notable for the wretched treatment of women. This defines the nature of the religious war that sees children turning to an Eastern religion and at the behest of its leaders evicting their parents from their home.

The text of this verse is closely aligned to that of C5 Q54 which also holds an anagram for Tamerlane. That verse clearly states that the leader of the war comes from the regions where Tamerlane's empire of terror once reigned.

The Church of God will be persecuted,
And the holy Temples will be plundered,
The child will put his mother out in her shift,
Arabs will be allied with the Poles.
Perſecutee sera de Dieu l'Egliſe
Et les ſainctz temples ſeront expoliez
L'enfant la mere mettra nud en chemiſe
Seront Arabes aux Polons raliez.

L1: <Seer reeducates><PerSecute redsea gulliES Die><PeerS erase cetuS (constellation) guLlieS / LiguleS (plant outgrowth) Died><resee Dread euil PerSecuteS><gillES PreSee a cute seer Died>

L2: <norSe anticS lets exploit zEe><Elitez anticz leSs><Essential liez note leSser pox><Sensical no leSser exploit temptZ><nor let zEe Sleeps anticz exploit><metz (NE France) Sleeps> petroxolin (soap chemical) zeolite (mineral cat litter)

L3: <tamerlane unmechaniSed matter><meet maternal feLineS><mental meter>hence untreated metal lament

L4: <israel loop / Pool bears uxa StArzone><realizeS solon / onslo not Arab Pauxes><israel treASonz bears><Arab solon / onslo ausPex (bird omens)> Pox abuse zeroes

1: unmechanised, petroxolin, exploit, realizes, zeolite , temptz,
2: reeducates, reattuned / untreated, templez, Elefsina, Raziel / Izrael,
3: essential, persecute, starzone, maternal, ligules/ gullies, anticz, sieze (2x),
4: felines, elitez, abase,
5: Giselle, ,
6: Cetus, Metz,
7: -
8: Tamerlane, receptus, Gilles, auspex, pauxes,
9: sensical, loop/ pool, size,
10: Solon / Onslo,
11: rezones, peeress, tezt,
12: lament / mental / mantle, zeroes, creeps, rescue / secure,
13: chime, liars, next,
14: abuse, liez (2x),
15: zeros,
16: -
17: Zete,
18: seerz, pox (2x),
19: -
20: -
22: -
23: hence.

unmechanised, petroxolin, zeolite, exploit, realizes, tempts, re-attuned, essential, starzone, maternal, antics, persecute, Onslo, elites, felines, sieze, Cetus, abase, Tamerlane, auspex, sensical, mental, loop, secure, zeroes, next, liars, chime, abuse,hemce Seers, pox.


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