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Nostradamus C5 Q74: Euthanasia via chemicals fails to kill a potential leader.
Copyright: Allan Webber, December 2015

When the text of C5 Q72 is examined it can be easily seen that the story line for this current verse is very similar and that the two verses talk of a period when the Arabic invaders of Europe will be driven out. The idea that a leader is put into a near-death coma is also found in the anagrams of this verse with sleeping ( gliſe en p) and euthenasia ( a en ſi haut) providing important guides to such a conclusion. In the earlier verse there is a distinct tone of a poison being administered and in this verse there is an anagram for ramequin ( ermaniqu), a bowl that can be used for ceremonial purposes. This word also provides a link to C3 Q32, a verse where the concept of euthenasia also sits well.

Anagrams with greatest potential to resolve this verse include:

anyone insane reactions German tyrannies urge ramequin courage - Danes unique agents encounter negatory astrogeny
De ſang Troyen naiſtra coeur Germanique

Elquid clique ruined Sanhedrin Shia euthenasia issuance wept
Qu'il deuiendra en ſi haute puiſſance

Hero's horse chases greatness - agent generates tenets Arab Qabir arrange
Hors chaſſera gent eſtrange Arabique

unlearnt legislate sleeping spirit preen Nicene neotenic eminence
Tournant l'Egliſe en priſtine preeminence

# Sanhedrin: an assembly of 27 to 73 men chosen in every city in the ancient Land of Israel to regulate that city's interpretation of the holy law.
ramequin: a small glazed ceramic dish used for cooking and serving various dishes.
Of Trojan blood will be born a Germanic heart
Who will rise to very high power
He will drive out the foreign Arabic people,
Returning the Church to its pristine pre-eminence.
De ſang Troyen naiſtra coeur Germanique
Qu'il deuiendra en ſi haute puiſſance
Hors chaſſera gent eſtrange Arabique
Tournant l'Egliſe en priſtine preeminence
L1: <nogareTS couraGe tyrannieS remain><ramequin urGe anyone eScariot eSTrangeD / granDeST><anne raciSt aSTrogeny roGue remain><inSane actor urge aStrogeny remain>German / enGram agenTs rearminG Troy caStor

L2: <elQuid iSSuance ruined enthenaSia><cliQue enuied><Quince Sin endear uuaSpieSt deuil><adrienne uuield hiS uuaSpieSt> Sanhedrin (Jwsh rlgs ldr)

L3: <Agen treatS qabir Hue><agen arrange teSt Heros craSheS><SachS generate Strange Arabiq Horse / Heros><SachS agree><Arabiq tenetS range><negateS chaSers> <Arabiq agent ShareS reagebt cHores><caSh reagentS Strange Area>

L4: <empire encounTer><Spirit Seen><neoTenic Sleeping unlEarnt><runa lEnt eminence printS seen To repine>nicene
1: unctioneer, euthenasia, Sanhedrin, sleeping,
2: uuaspiest, Escariot, courage, eminence,
3: neotenic, rearming, generate,
4: tyrannies, negatory, ramequin, ortygan, spirit,
5: unlearnt, Giselle, maniq, Qabir,
6: astrogeny, 
7: issuance, Castor / Arctos / actors, anyone,
8: encounter, entrants, Gilles, Nicene, crash,
9: quince, Croat / actor,
10: Elquid, uuield, shin,
11: Nogarets,
12: negates, arrange,
13: Adrienne, racist, elegies,
14: prints, shares, inane,
15: entreats, strip,
16: preinset, chores,
17: greatness, tenets,
18: clique, insane, scans,
19: reagent, ermine, repine,
20: generates / teenagers, engram / German, inept,
21: chasers / crashes, Shia, agree.
22: -
23: -

Sanhedrin, unctioneer, generates, sleeping, euthenasia, Escariot, waspiest, courage, rearming, neotenic, tyrannies, Qabir, unlearnt, ramequin, Nicene, actors, negatory, ortygan, spirit, manic, Elquid, wield, astrogeny, issuance, anyone, encounter, racist, elegies, prints, insane, tenets, clique, scans, shares, crash, negates, greatness, arrange, chores, Shia, agree.



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