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Nostradamus C5 Q75: The Earth as seen by the inheritor of the Prophets mantle.
Copyright: Allan Webber, December 2015

This verse is Nostradamus means of identifying one of the people who will come to understand the full content of the prophet's verses and the means by which they were built but will be reluctant to make that knowledge public, particularly the fate of the religious hierarchies.

Anagrams able to give meaning to this verse include:

Nostredameux Earth Arethusa rules tormenters - another result by Walters subtler pen
Montera haut ſur le bien plus a dextre

rumored Asias uprisals Russia
[n]s  armoured - reader require Ursae-Major
Demourra aſſis ſur la pierre quarree

alfa enters verse levers disemploy Vermeils revelers
Vers le midy poſe a la feneſtre

boats tournament boast subecho notators tune beats not numeration base
Baston tortu en main bouche ſerree
He will rise high over the estate more to the right
He will remain seated on the square stone,
Towards the south facing to his left,
The crooked staff in his hand his mouth sealed.
Montera haut ſur le bien plus a dextre
Demourra aſſis ſur la pierre quarree
Vers le midy poſe a la feneſtre
Baston tortu en main bouche ſerree.
L1: <nostredaMeux earth / heart><dexter subalpine ruleS>< uualtherS other-naMe bi pen surtaxed><another tauruS><a torMenter><hear tauruS torment axed><uplands exert><arethuSa (nymph of Hebrides) rule><Meton era><Pauls nebuliSer> tehran subtler unelapsed
L2: <urSa-maiorS upriSals><rumoreD aSiaS upriSals><armoureD aS rare upriSals require><auroraS reDeem><iSus armoureD april aSS>
L3:<diSemploy alfa Verse enterS><polymerised feneStrae (window) Seal><misled poSy reVertS><leVers / reVels enterS mid poSy> <Vermeils enters>
L4: <~tournament Base to err in subecho~><notators main tune> <numeration sub-echo> <main Boast / Boats not true><Beats / Beast / Betas not err or main tune Subecho> cheerS reBates Berates Bearers remount

1: Nostredameux, othername, disemploy, tournament, numeration, Ursa Maiors (i=j), notators, surtaxed, subtler,
2: polymerised, subalpine, uprisals, subecho, Vermeils, Ashratu, Dexter,
3: Arethusa, revelers, taxed,
4: fenestrae, rumored, another, auroras, require, boats / boast,
5: tormenter, armoured, uplands, misled, Tehran, aurora, 
6: uuastrel / UUalters (uu=w), reverts, Minna,
7: nebuliser, Taurus, Minab,
8: Neiman,
9: fenestra, revert, Aesop,
10: unelapsed, uprisal, berates / rebates, Arras,
11: bearers,
12: unpile, bearer, posy,
13: cheers, levers, revels, alfa,
14: redeem,
15: torment, rebase, exert,
16: remount,
17: bluer / ruble, dearer / reader / reared, menu,
18: rubles, Earth / heart, 
19: -,
20: revers, Asias,
21: -,
22: beats / beast,
23: result.

Nostredameux, disemploy, tournament, numeration, Ursa Majors, othername, notators, subtler, sub-alpine, uprisals, subecho, Vermeils, Arethusa, revelers, another , Aurora, rumoured, tormenters, require, armoured, boats, misled, earth, redeem, Asias, beast, result.

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