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Nostradamus C5 Q77: Invaders bring paganism back to Rome.
Copyright: Allan Webber, December 2015

The text of this verse clearly indicates that Nostradamus' foresaw a time when the city of Rome will be forced back into paganism while the anagrams place it in the context of the flood events at the end of this century and the later invasion by a power that demands the end of Christian views. The anagrams also suggest that these people will be involved in the demise of several USA airliners.

Anagrams that help in giving meaning to this verse include:

quiet soul degrees shed unhorned rune recycles Castiles quote renounce
Tous les degrez d'honneur Eccleſiaſtique

insurrectional Norse chant changes genes anchorets laid in Charleston airliners inquir[y]
Seront changez en dial quirinal

marital name numerate quality in Meninque final rainfall
En martial quirinal flaminique

uprisen feodary freelancer defy unrevered clan plan
Puis vn Roy de France le rendre vulcanal

# quirinal: 'aspects of Quirinus' who with Jup and Mars formed the Archaic Triad;
Martial: 1stC CE Roman poet who commented on role of Jupiter in quirinal cult.
flaminique; version of Latin ' flamens' meaning 'like a priest of a cult'.
feodary: a feudal tenant, a vassel or accomplice.
anchorets: people who retire into seclusion for religious reasons.
All degrees of Ecclesiastical honor
Will be changed to that of Jupiter and Quirinus
The priest of Quirinus to one of Mars,
Then a King of France will make him one of Vulcan.
Tous les degrez d'honneur Eccleſiaſtique
Seront changez en dial quirinal
En martial quirinal flaminique
Puis vn Roy de France le rendre vulcanal
L1: <unhorned degrees cEciles quieT soul Sat><quieT soul renouncE ScalieSt degrees><itS a quoTe cEciles neuron edges zhred><degrees caSSiel(Hr of Day Spirit) corE soluTe quit> <louuesT degrees><zed ledgers>

L2:<~quirinal (Italian style government) angelized norSe chant~><agen deniez charleSton quirinal><inSurrectional elquidan hang><~airlinerS not quail change endz~><~orleanS chant genez quirinal laid><anchoretS genez><norSe chant changez quirinal denial>

L3: <numErate quail><rainfall mEninque quail><quirinal main raimEnt fall><martian Equine aim fall><marital quEen aim in fall> altair final name

L4: <verdun Freelance yonder canal><unrevered clan Paul lancer vRsion defy><vulcan reder Paul defy cleaner vRsion><reverend>Feodary (servent vassel)
1: angelized, freelancer, rainfall, unrevered, feodary, reverend,
2: insurrectional, quirina (2x), Elquidan, airliners, Vulcan,
3: Charleston, unhorned, Meninque, unhoned, marital, ledgers,
4: ecclesiast, changez, louuest, Cecils / cicles, degrees,
5: elastics / scaliest, airlines, numerate, raimant, Ceciles, Denver, defy,
6: anchorets, renounce, ledges, needz,
7: Tarchon, quote, genez,
8: atrial / Altair, canal, endz / zend,
9: Cassiel, yonder, neume, dial / laid,
10: Verdun, Hod,
11: fall,
12: quits, dregs,
13: cleaner, equine, greeds,
14: Daniel / denial,
15: vnder,
16: -
17: raiment,
18: solutes, final,
19: rename, zeen,
20: -
21: neuron, lender, Queen,
22: solute, edges.
23: -

Key Ideas:

unrevered, freelancer, angelized, rainfall, insurrectional, reverend, Elquidan, feodary, unhorned, Vulcan, airliners, Charleston, Denver, Meninque, changes, marital, ledgers, lowest, degrees, ecclesiast, numerate, Ceciles, anchorets, defy, renounce, needs, quote, Tarchon, genes, denial, under, final, raiment, rename, neuron, canal, solute.

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