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Nostradamus C5 Q86: The legacy of the North causes rejection of human cloning.
Copyright: Allan Webber, December 2015

In the previous I suggested that a new topic emerges in this section of verses, one that is needed to fill in the detail of his major stories and it involves the history of the Northern kings who partner with the East later in this century and beyond. This verse and the previous (C5 Q85) begin that tale with this current verse being about the origins of the profound religiousity of Northern countries. Some defining anagrams for this religious theme are Bonifaces (Biſance fo) exegetical (xee a cite g) texts used (s deu - x teſt) while sexupara danger (e grand - par eaux ſ) introduces the reason for rejecting any birth without a father. Although normally related to non-human regeneration this term may well be applicable in the future as man learns to clone beings from human DNA.  The timing of this verse is set in the text by the reference to 'vexed by waters' which conforms with Nostradamus' flood theme for the end of this century.

There are two verses where Nostradamus talks of two heads and a number of arms. That wording enables the lettering to be transformed in a way that make each verse hold one of the three anagrams for SEXTET that occur in Nostradamus' Prophecies.Nostradamus verse C5 Q86 confirming aspects used for validating content The numbering that appears in two of these verses is unrelated to that which delivers their anagrams yet the numeration in these verse can be seen to relate to the concept of a group of six. C1 Q58's text mentions two heads and four arms while C5 Q86 talks of two heads and three arms. And in the caseC1 Q58 there are other anagrams that identify distinct rare numerical terms such as eleven/th and quartet.

What intrigued me when I made the connection between these two verses is they used nearly identical terms to that I used in describing the code mechanism behind my map for the order in which the verses should be read. Duads and Triads are essential to recovering any data left by Nostradamus since that combination allows checks and balances to be made for every entry of importance. Repeating things in a different way helps prevent any future  interpreter of Nostradamus' work from going astray.

# Boniface: 8thC CE martyr; worked tirelessly as an apostle converting pagan Germanic lands to Christianity.
exegetical: critical explanation or interpretation of a (religious) text.
sexupara: living thing with the capacity to conceive without the opposite sexual partner with the offspring having the more common means of reproduction.
Divided by the two heads and three arms,
The great city will be vexed by waters
Some great ones among them led astray in exile,
Byzantium hard pressed by the head of Persia.
Par les deux teſtes et trois bras ſepares
La cite grand par eaux ſera vexee
Des grands d'entre eux par exil eſgares
Par teſte perſe Biſance fort preſſee
L1: <Pleasured Sextet set orbits ares repaSS~><Papers / aPpeaSers used textS real><aPpears elders uxe teSt><reaPpears textS eludes>leaders / dealers exude I<iSobars retest>

L2: <averx Sexapura danger><aver uSex exegeticaL area><xeuS / uxeS Lacerating parade><predating xeuS arae><creating / argenic / reacting parade><departing xeuS area><uxa averSe cartiLage ex-pander><uSex are readapting>

L3: <dangers superextend exileS era><aggresseD exileS><algierS seeDs><unexerted largeSe entered ix rape dangers>reDseas agreeA sadden

L4: <peerS See Part freeport caBinS Set><peerS See BonifaceS perPetratreSS><preSeeS Part SerB fornicateS><SerBians force preSetS aPe preteSt><peerS confer BiaS> <SerB fianceS See Part reportS><francoiSe SerB preSetS aPe pretest>
1: perpetratress, superextend, exegetical, Bonifaces, aggressed,
2: readapting, perpetrates, departing / predating, reappears, isobars, textus, texts,
3: cartilage, Francoise, sextet,
4: lacerating, appeasers, Freeport, Serbians, fiances, Algiers, brass,
5: orbits,
6: sexupara,
7: fornicates, argentic / creating / reacting,
8: parade,
9: appears,
10: unexerted, testes,
11: largesse, Peeress,
12: cabins, confer, tiger, dregs,
13: exile(s), ribs,
14: pleasured, resented, reports, triage,
15: -
16: averse, pad,
17: redacting, Grandpa, regales, duetx, 
18: repasses,
19: grades, gales,
20: septet,
21: -
22: granite, porter / report, Redseas, graels, basin.
23: -

aggressed, perpetratress, predating, Bonifaces, exegetical, readapting, texts, superextend, Serbians, parade, isobars, reappears, Freeport, Algiers, appeasers, Francoise, lacerating, ribs, cartilage, creating, brass, orbits, sexupara, fiances, fornicates, testes, unexerted, exiles, cabins, confer, tiger, dregs, resented, pleasured, reports, redacting, triage, repasses, grades, Redseas, granite, basin, report, graels.


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