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Nostradamus C5 Q88: A great flood flood exposes Belarus to Chernobyl's hazards.
Copyright: Allan Webber, December 2015

This verse continues the theme of the previous two with it concentrating on Northern events during the time of the frightful floods at the end of this century. Its anagram references to Belarus ( Sur le ſab) nearmost ( onſtre ma) stream rinsed ( ſtre ma -rin Des) and women ( uue mon) watered ( aue de Tu) links in to the future radiation impacts that might be expected from Chernobyl in the circumstance of the nominated great flood.

The named supergiants Rigel (C5 Q83), Regulus (C5 Q88), Antares (C5 Q58), Canopus (C8 Q63) and Deneb (C5 Q15) can all be seen as anagrams within the Prophecies. Usage of these prominent stars as his prime pointers for dates is consistent with his stated approach to present astronomic date codes.

Anagrams that help in giving meaning to this verse include:

rules Bellaso labels on par Regulus runa use hide Belarus deluges
Sur le ſablon par vn hideux deluge

treasu[r]ed meters wrote womens omens in nearmost stream remainder
Des autres mers trouue monſtre marin

cupholder lives afar Africa safer ferv[e]nt refuge[e]
Proche du lieu ſera faict vn refuge

stannate nutrient wintered in watered enclaves USA enclose
Tenant ſauone eſclaue de Turin

# Bellaso: Italian contemporary of Nostradamus who made made important contributions to the science of secret writings.
Through a frightful flood upon the sand,
A marine monster from other seas found
Near the place will be made a refuge,
Holding Savona the slave of Turin.
Sur le ſablon par vn hideux deluge
Des autres mers trouue monſtre marin
Proche du lieu ſera faict vn refuge
Tenant ſauone eſclaue de Turin
L1: <hide labelS uxed on reguluS><reguluS apron exuded labelS><~delugeS vnhid belaruS apron uxe~><labourleSS glue exuded><urgeS labelS on uueldx hide>loSable ruleS

L2: <usa meters uuorst monSter remained><uuomen mAster unsteaDier tremors><as true remainDer>.<uue resort aroDiSsment matures><unasserteD meters><uuorst omenS> <ermesinDa (re lEscl) uuorst monSter matures><remountS>

L3: <Purge echo fearS f rvne uuield><i uSe cuPholder fear><africa uSe lie>afar chore

L4: <~uSa encloSe uuaTered in Tenant~><~Sauant encloSe nuTrient euade~><TenantS unTried / inTrude clauSe><~one uSa Tenat uuinTered Scale~><Satan inTern>nanteS <~one clauSe reuniTed uSa Tenant~><STannate ouen ruin calueS>
1: arrondissement, labourless, unerudite, uuintered, remainder,
2: cupholder, nutrient, Bellaso / losable, uuomen(s), uuields, 
3: unasserted, stannate, Regulus, deluges, refuge,
4: uuatered, Belarus, mariner, erudite,
5: unsteadier, unreadiest, Ermesinda, reunited, labels,
6: Eridanus, tenants,
7: purge,
8: remounts, mouuer, innate, hid,
9: intrude / untried, tremors, matures, hide,
10: uuield,
11: Africa, muster,
12: remained, Claude, deluge,
13: exuded, glues,
14: progue, austere,
15: ochred, uuorst,
16: nearmost, rinsed,
17: -
18: tenant,
19: uuiles,
20: enclose, aunts,
21: terms,
22: clause, master / stream,
23: deluxe, apron.

labourless, arrondissement, cupholder, wintered, remainder, wields, stannate, nutrient, Bellaso, hide, unasserted, Regulus, deluges, watered, womens, refuge, Belarus, nearmost, stream, rinsed, unsteadier, mariner, erudite, Ermesinda, reunited, labels, Eridanus, tremors, purge, tenants, remounts, clause, hid, innate, terms, Africa, intrude, muster, worst, glues, progue, exuded, austere, wiles, enclose, aunts, ochred, apron.


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