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Nostradamus C5 Q90: Chemical poisons are spread via the atmosphere.
Copyright: Allan Webber, December 2015

Nostradamus Prophecies verse C5 Q90 Great human disaster throughout the East Mediterranean region is caused by Essene sect initiating fase dust with nitrides meant to increase plant growth.The following verse with its message about famine and false dust has long been seen as part of a Nostradamien theme about modern times. It is seen as a story of chemical pollution or intentional poisoning in the eastern Mediterranean Lands. Its anagrams add to this view with the mention of pellets and thirteen cycles adding detail to the surface message.

Anagrams that help in giving meaning to this verse include:

1. Thirteen cycles arises therein deepens Israels earthliest Serpentine trail
2. Deadness spans parts pellet outlet openness pollute
3. USA ingressions steepen amine readings; Confuxians infamed afar ape
4. Ossene Essene fume enfuse moist nitrides disorientate lecher outlet
In the Cyclades, in Perinthus and Larissa,
In Sparta and the entire Pelopennesus
Very great famine, plague through false dust,
Nine months it lasts through entire peninsula
Dans les cyclades en perinthe et lariſſe
Dedans Sparte tout le Pelloponneſſe
Si grand famine peſte par faux conniſſe
Neuf mois tiendra et tout le cherroneſſe.
L1: <~iSraelS thirteen cycles deepens a lanDs~><earlieSt hint><neither SiDeS lanes alter><etherial saDneSS in cycles deals><athlete lanDs riSeS><realiStS therein deepens a lanDs cycles><Stealthier / earthlieSt><SadneSs cycles trail serpentine lead><preseen in the later SideS>

L2: <Spartans Deed><no SenSe Spans Edda><openneSS saDdens outlet part><oneneSS Pellet lop out Deadness part><Spans rotate><enn eSS loop outlet peel>

L3: <ingreSSions (entries) infamed (made)><reaSSignS Step infamed><confuxians readingS repeatS>

L4: <i rotate end motfs norSe cheer eNSue><motifs outlet retained norSe cheer><outlet fume disorientate><editions treat outlet><omits retained outlet norSe eNfuSe><oSSene err><no lecher SeNSe fume disorientate> eSSeNe rotated
1: thirteen, earthliest, motifs, athlete, openness, ingressions, disorientate,
2: reassigns, nitrides, cycles, deepens,
3: Confuxians, orientated, straitened, Serpentine, Spartans, rotated,
4: disorient, etherial, neither, sadness, teeth,
5: unrotated, realists, rotate (2x), clay,
6: infamed, tetrad,
7: editions, farding, hint, Ossene,
9: reassign, loop (2x),
10: deadness, trials (2x) trails, Essene,
11: earliest, poll, fume,
12: -
13: lecher, ensues, liars,
14: moist / omits, enfuse, spans, then,
15: famine / infame, scaled,
16: realist / saltire, sensed,
17: saddens, Israels, fad, 
18: outlet (2x),
19: -
20: patter,
21: sides,
22: retained, agrise,
23: deaden.

thirteen, earthliest, motifs, ingressions, disorientate, Spartans, athlete, Confuxians, openness, reassigns, nitrides, cycles, etherial, sadness, deepens, therein, realists, rotated, Serpentine, tetrad, reassign, trials, loop, earliest, pellet, fume, enfuse, deadness, Essene, Ossene, poll, ensues, then, Israels, liars, patter, saddens.





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