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Nostradamus C5 Q91: Full details of those involved in the market fraud of the 21st century (Aug-Sep 2017).
Copyright: Allan Webber, December 2015

Nostradamus C5 Q91 At the Market of Liars serving Athens and its surrounds light horses ridden by those of Alba surprise as Mars Leo Saturn are all in regressionIn analysing each verse I reveal what is paramount at the visible and encrypted level. I do this because Nostradamus uses the same-style lock that makes the chromosome such a powerful generator of life's structures. Both involve a duality in which either of its parts is inert and meaningless without its interlocking code. And just as you need an overview of a sequence not an isolated part to break the code of the DNA you cannot solve Nostradamus' via either its visible or hiden messages alone nor by examining a single verse in isolation.

The content of the current verse defies any attempt to give it unumabiguous meaning through its visible wording. And even that which seems helpful such as the astronomic settings of Mars in Leo with Saturn in regression is far too general to meet the objective precise dating. Yet keep in mind Nostradadamus claims each verse's tale can be read with this degree of clarity. By doing this the answer can be found. And within the anagrams of this verse there is a highly potent key which is the name for agents who act as a buffer between the elite and the sick and dying. In ancient times the Greeks called them parabolani and they acted as guards for the leaders, drug agents for the sick and dying, and buriers of the infected dead.

The Parabolani had neither orders nor vows, but were enumerated among the clergy and enjoyed clerical privileges and immunities. In addition to performing works of mercy they constituted a bodyguard for the bishop.

Anagrams that help in giving meaning to this verse include:

1. UUagner grand march choqe edicts gennos reasonings Sougraigne regions discounted
2. Tutor etch map then nine enter a touted torture
3. Norse spurt turns Hercules airplanes lux elegiex uuax
4. Parabolani arms vast universe vervant siren lose

At the market  they call that of liars, 
Of the entire torrent & field of Athens
They are surprised by the light horses, 
By Albanois as Mars Leo Saturn regress.
Au grand marche qu'on dict des men┼┐ongiers
De tout Torrent et champ Athenien:
Seront ſurprins par les cheuaux legiers
Par Albanois Mars Leo Sat vn verſien.
L1: <orgAnises mens deduction><So discounted men resign><dementS sougrAigne (pyrenees)> <gennoS (begets) rise><menS regions usA cited><edicts orgAnise menS drugman><guArdsman arch quoined (cornerstone in wall) So men resign><Argues arch demoneSs damn reign><cheq armand undo demoneSs edicts>

L2: <i match noteD pAth Tutor enter><theA touteD etch map nine><then i etch A map><i then match ten Denote Torture>

L3: <Spurt in heracles uxual regreSsion><real spin chase regreSsion Spurts><heracles liege pains /spain uuax> <Seers unSort guilex><heracles uxual spin>

L4: <~arMLess PArabolani (carer for the dead and dying) novateS (changes agreement) inverSe~><~vervant aMbrosian LoSe AirPlaneS~><Alba ions reaLism><~so bAnal vervant PerSian MoraLises~><PerSian Albino vaSt Arms rolES>

Extra Info:

When archeologists look down upon an ancient landscape they see patterns in the green of grass, the type of plants, the geometric shaped plots in which feral plants thrive or die. And in these patterns they see the potential for the discovery of past habitations that have left their mark buried beneath the soil. And the same is true whenever I now read a verse of the Prophecies for I see clues based on my experiences and threads already discovered. I had assessed this verse as highly significant because its last line carries a great number of markers in the form of anagrams holding a capital letter. And there is a marker in the third line that only occurs in this verse. The word Nostradamus uses in the fourth line to signify regression is verſienwhich is interesting in its own right as it is an anagram of inverse or in-verse. However it is not for this that interested me but in the line above there is an actual anagram for regression in the form of ' giers Seron'. This is the only anagram of this word anywhere in the Prophecies and being placed so close to a line talking of regresssion it is surely noteworthy but not conclusive. And there is even a tenuous reason my thinking the verse is linked to the story of fraud in the gold market because its first line relates to 'a market of liars'. Both these factors of interlocked relevance and connection to the gold themes are crucial if my proof is to stand scrutiny.

Now the anagram for Regression in the third line is accompanied by two names for one constellation. There is Hercules in the form of 'r les cheu'  and Heracles as ' ar les che'. It is true that neither contains a capital but it remains consistent with my rules for exceptions which allow a highly important name of a person or place to be in lower case. Although there are eleven occurrences in total for Heracles and three hidden anagrams for Hercules this is the only one where both occur in the same verse or line. And it is possible (but not essential) to see that these form a sequence saying ' Hercules/Heracles usual regreSsion Spurt ( ar les che - uaux l -e -giers Seron - t ſurp)'. If these verses are indeed unambiguous then they must hide the name of a constellation in which Saturn is retrograde in its motion so that the hidden facts can deliver certainty to the visible vagueness. Certainty is a hard task-master but It is at this point that the end of the second line begins to take on meaning for it alludes to Athenien fields thereby adding a Greek setting for the name and particularly one where contests are held. So, as I have already claimed, the visible clue hints at an aspect useful for confirming the hidden name. Such a device is essential if the hidden and the visible are to be uniquely united. And it appears that this is what Nostradamus is doing here, building a chromosome-like code.

The relevance of the foregoing begins to blossom into richer detail when we take into account the story of Heracles and in particular his role in the foundation of an event with which we are all familiar,the Olympic Games. Now the myths relate that Heracles laid the foundations for regular contests between sporting heroes along the lines of an earlier figure called Pelops. 

Pelops was was the winner of a chariot race for which the prize was the hand in marrige of Princess Hippodameia. After his victory, Pelops organized chariot races as thanksgiving to the gods and as funeral games in honor of King Oinomaos, in order to be purified of his death. It was from this funeral race held at Olympia that the beginnings of the Games were inspired. Pelops became a great king, a local hero, and gave his name to the Peloponnese.
Eventually Pelops became part of the local mythology. According to legend, Hercules founded the Games at the place where Pelops' tomb was located at Olympia.

It is apparent that the reference to light horse found in the third line of the text has relevance to this tale for Pelops relationship with winged horses and chariot racing were a gift from the Gods. Now in outlining my tale on the gold crisis I identified itsunique linkages to the modern Oympics and in particular the equestrian sports found through anagrams in C.10 Q.64. This verse holds the reference that now ties it to this theme, not just by the name of Heracles and action in Athenien fields but to the allusion in the third line to 'light horses." This now represents a great example of the link mechanisms used by Nostradamus. Through understanding the allusion of a classical story (past) via the imagery in the verse (present)unique links are made to another verse about the future. C.5 Q.91 is therefore linked to C.10 Q.94 in one of the left hand spheres of Nostradamus' Sephirot code and this takes the reader directly into the story of gold in this decade. Thereby ' the great market of liars' mentioned in the first line of the current verse moves beyond the tenuous link which Ied me to examine it to one bearing on silver-gold fraud. These relationships are all guided by the channels dictated by their theme and by the nature of their content which is consistent with the traditional attributes of the Sephirot's ten spheres (wisdom, knowledge past, present etc.).

So there is a very strong base for believing this verse is about events in this decade and it will be reinforced as the path of the Sephirot is mapped out more fully. In this regard there is a lightweight but interesting sequence of anagrams that emerges from the second line and its Athenien fields. The visible French text is " De tout Torrent et champ Athenien" and its adjacent anagrams provide a sequence that almost mirrors the purpose that this process must do if it is to give a unique resolution to the message. It says " I then neeD A map Torrent etch out"(etch amp A then i enDe tou tTorren t)but it is at best circumstantial and requires more definitive resolution to be accepted as being outside the bounds of chance.

But, with my own increased degree of confidence in the viability and the uniqueness of what this process yields I can and should show the implications of the astronomic reference knowing it will sharpen up the detail in an increasingly well-defined story.

Fortunately this particular astronomic setting is not difficult to locate. Saturn is slow moving (about 30 degrees a year) so there are only a few blocks of years (about 3 to 4) in a century where it is aligned or near to the constellation of Hercules. In most of these instances Mars will be in Leo at least once during the Saturn-Hercules alignment. But there is only one of them that occurs when Hercules is in regression. The structure of the code directs us therefore to one and only one period that starts on17/8/2017 and ends three weeks later on 5/9/2017. These are the dates when the crisis cumulates but it has beginnings five years earlier. As I progress with the unveiling of these dates the unique significance of the greatest financial Disaster in the history of the world will also emerge. It is this turmoil that spawns the wars and tragedies that follow

3: baronial, arguers, match, ovates,
5: demoness, quoined, airplane, albion / albino,
6: UXUAL, REASONINGS, lechers,
7: realisms, BOSNIA, TORTURE, dements,
8: REGIONS, parcels, purrs,
9: Hercules,
10: drugman, Charles, touted, rotter,
11: Heracles, gennos, denote, series,
12: planar, vast,
13: enspiral, edicts, hate / heat / Thea,
14: revise, then,
15: banal,
16: moiras,
17: grandma, torrent, reigns / resign / singer, argues, uuax,
18: losers, rvnes,
19: pains / Spain, liege,
20: Chesel, spin,
21: -
22: Armand, cheat / teach, outed, song, Iona,
23: ignore / Origen / region, Simon, Maris.
Sougraigne, vervant, baronial, arguers, discounted, parabolani, guardsman, moralises, demoness, match, quoined arch, Ambrosian, novates, organises, airplanes, path, turns, airplane, usual, reasonings, dements, Bosnia, realisms, organise, regions, torture, Hercules, drugman, touted, Heracles, gennos, denote, vast, series, then, revise, banal, edicts.



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