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Nostradamus C5 Q94: Drug suppliers ganglanders gasoline and viral ills.
Copyright: Allan Webber, December 2015

It is quite normal that any writings by any person will reflect their interest and their occupation. The surprise in Nostradamus Prophecies is his lack of predictions about medicine and the treatment of the ill. Yet the surface writings are in keeping with the dread fears demanded by the church of Rome and accordingly is full of hints on pestilence, war, floods and fire. Nostradamus was a pharmacist and a physician with a claim to being able to see the future. Whether this claim is true or false it would be incredible if Nostradamus did not use this latter skill to explore ideas useful to his own profession.

The last section of Centuries five has numerous verses with anagrams that hold little in the way of Nostradamus' major story lines yet the ideas in them reflect drugs of special interest to Nostradamus. This verse is one of those in a consecutive series of four comprising C5 Q94, C5 Q95, C5 Q96, C5 Q97.

Anagrams that help in giving meaning to this verse include:

disarrangement alternates near Graal DNA Germany ganglander germinated  eternal danger
Tranſlatera en la grand Germanie

Arab tent faltered dangers flared urges drug-ban  begets long obsolete Bear
Brabant et Fladres Gand Bruges et Bolongne

later Austria inflate sulfinate danger altering adduc
[e]d time-calendar remained
La traiſue faint le grand Duc d'Armenie

Asias viral ill Salesian rival locate Vienna legion cooling gasolines
Aſſaillira Vienne et la Coloigne.
He will transfer into great Germany 
Brabant Flanders Ghent Bruges & Boulogne:
The truce feigned, the great Duke of Armenia
Will assail Vienna and Cologne.

Tranſlatera en la grand Germanie
Brabant et Fladres Gand Bruges et Bolongne
La traiſue faint le grand Duc d'Armenie
Aſſaillira Vienne et la Coloigne.
L1: <~dreaminG alTernateS near graal~><~marine Ganglander TranSlate era~><disarranGemenT alert><main danGer TranSlate><TranSlate near meanderinG graal><reTain a Germ Sealant near graal> GerminaTe eternal raimenT

L2: <~nonaBrograble (unable to be abolished in law) druG-Ban Beset Flatten dregS~><~Band gesture Flatten oBlong bar Grades~><Obsolete druG-Ban flatten arab dreGs><gas faltered><Gas ban Flattered><Felt arab Band urge Best ten Grades Left>

L3: <ungraDed time-cAlendar inflate atriaL uSe><and faltering atriaL uSe remAined><atriaL Sulfinate (salt or ester of sulfinic acid) remAined ungraDed cArd><auStria inflate dreAm danger Line><fuSe atriaL triangle>

L4: <loCaL Agonies aS Viral il(l)><loCate gAsoline><Cooling SeAS ail rival / viral><ASiaS legion loCate ill raVine><~AgenS oil loCate nine Viral ailS~><AliaSeS Cooling>
1: obsolete, sulfinate, flatten, cooling, nonabrogable, disarrangement,
2: germinated, faltering, flattered, 
3: meandering, time-calendar, germinate, deflaters, drug-ban, faltered, oblong, collate, begets,
4: ganglander, dreaming / midrange, Salesian, Agenois / agonies, locate, fatten, bolt,
5: local,
6: gasolines, alternates, inflate,
7: Austria, Emaniel, rival / viral,
8: elating, atria / Altair,
9: alterants / translate, altering / alerting / relating / triangle, gesture, 
10: gasoline, cool,
11: aliases, flat,
12: remained, ravine / vainer naiver, dregs, Anael,
13: -
14: reliant, Vienne,
15: entrails / latrines, assail,
16: -
17: raiment, sealant, eternal,
18: aslant, miner, beset,
19: grades, brand, ermine, felt / left,
20: engram / german, Asias,
21: -
22: faint, altar, Bearn,
23: legion, dud.

obsolete, sulfinate, flatten, cooling, disarrangement, germinated, faltering, meandering, time-calendar, begets, ganglander, drug-ban, Salesian, collate, Agenois, oblong, dreaming, locate, gasolines, local, alternates, inflate, Austria, elating, Vienna, reliant, dregs, remained, viral, ills, ails, miner, eternal, sealant, beset, brand, grades, Asias, legion, left.


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