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Nostradamus C5 Q95: N's increased use of vision enhancing drugs
Copyright: Allan Webber, December 2015, May 2023


Empire Church Antichrist Nostradamus Epistle quoteNostradamus was a pharmacist and a physician with a claim to being able to see the future. Whether this claim is true or false it would be incredible if Nostradamus did not use this latter skill to explore ideas useful to his own profession. There is little hint of this in the visible text but there are obscure and seemingly meaningless passages such as The nautical ore will tempt the shadows that hint at things that are best kept secret in the 16th century.

The second line of this verse has a rare anagram for narcotic and is used in a setting which implies it is a drug of choice for lovers. The tone of the verse and its hidden message suggest that Nostradamus was well aware of the dangers of drug-use and condemned its use by the ill-informed. The use of the anagram for camphenes which are essential oils derived from wood links the text and the anagrams as does the reference to ' tempt the shadows' for this is a fair allusion to a drug induced trance. from the text we can also deduce that Nostradamus extracted his drugs from marine waste. The first line's anagrams suggests the full answer to the quatrains lies in the numbers generated by Nostradamus' code.

The last section of Centuries five has numerous verses with anagrams that hold little in the way of Nostradamus' major story lines yet the ideas in them reflect drugs of special interest to Nostradamus. This verse is one of those in a consecutive series of four comprising C.05 Q.94, C.05 Q.95, C.05 Q.96, C.05 Q.97.

Anagrams that help in giving meaning to this verse include:

earliest numbers unite marvels - urbanites quare quatreins rue miniature reveals
autique rame inuitera les vmbres

invaders conceit named drug accretion peril  - draconic lovers version dine on narcotic - doctrine urged guard reprimand lovers

Du grand Empire lors viendra conciter

sombre male agree seedling lessen once embalmers encloses single seed
La mer Aegee des lignes lesencombres

chants olden camphenes lot redetermined  
Empeſchant l'onde Tirreme defflotez
The nautical oar will tempt the shadows,
Then it will come to stir up the great Empire
In the Aegean Sea the impediments of wood
Obstructing the diverted Tyrrhenian Sea.
Nautique rame inuitera les vmbres
Du grand Empire lors viendra conciter
La mer Aegee des lignes lesencombres
Empeſchant l'onde Tirreme defflotez
L1: <quatreiNs rue minutiae><earliest Nvmbers><reveals quite miniature><slvmber inuite era><marque unite urbaNites marvels><neutralise Nvmbers remains><quite versatile as-Numbers miniature><uranite slvmber>

L2: <prim Drug lovers dine narcotic dangEr><draconic version namEd Drug peril><i rEprimand lovers Drug conceit><and cancroid (cancerous) veins Drug primE role><namEd Drug driven accretion><acetonic Drug roles driven><introDuce / reDuction danger implorers driven>
L3: <embaLmers Agree once lessen seedlings><sombre reaLm lessen Seedling Age><maLe Agree enclose single seed><comb lessen seedling>

L4: <olden chantS><redeTermined lot camphEnes (essential oils) letz-off><let-offz redeem Tired camphEneS><deem camphEneS lot interred> retired
1: redetermined, miniature, let-offz, nvmbers,
2: camphenes, cancroid / draconic, seedlings, implorer, minutiae, marvels,
3: unregarded, accretion, embalmers, acetonic, seedling, version, sombre, conic,
4: quatreins, ordinance, urbanites, narcotic, relatives, versatile, conceit, retired, lovers,
5: neutralise, Occitan, interred,
6: doctrine, encloses,
7: introduce / reduction, ordnance, visor,
8: reprimand, impend,
9: slave/ vales,
10: underdrag, antiques, chasten, dampen, retire,
11: Pimander, earliest, credit / direct,
12: chants, reveals / several, Draco,
13: marque,
14: redeem, rimer,
15: single,
16: epiderm, uranite, primed,
17: uranites, cephas, zete,
18: -
19: -
20: grandeur, enclose, aunts,
21: agree,
22: unseat, lessen,
23: tired / tried (2x)

earliest, quatreins, direct, chants, determined, miniature, numbers, camphenes, seedlings, introduce, acetonic drug, sombre, implorer, version, marvels, minutiae, accretion, neutralise, embalmers, interred, cancroid, Occitan, urbanites,versatile, narcotic, doctrine, encloses, reprimand, lessen, lovers, conceit.



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