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Nostradamus C5 Q96: The beneficial use of drugs in a secretive child-birth.
Copyright: Allan Webber, December 2015

Nostradamus Prophecies verse C5 Q96 In the middle of the World the awaited one comes but there is public angst  regarding the source of his biogensThe text and anagrams of the verse below take on meaning when they are seen as the writings of a physician about the event of a special birth.


Anagrams such as unspaced labours and ovary with special biogens setting the framework for the public shedding of blood as a special person undergoes the rigours of birth. The closed mouth opened to reveal the truth of the rose then relates to the moments before delivery when the mother would normally cry out with each contraction.


The last line of text then describes the moment of birth. The event described by the anagrams also involves a difficult, secretive and endangered birth requiring the use of drugs to lessen the sounds of labour.

Anagrams that help in giving meaning to this verse include:

1. Evil miller DNA drug unguarded demon misrule Leonardo arouses
2. Dounpour special waves unspaced fascist pangs UXA public angst
3. A ray arrived uuar-baron readvise ovary cloches varied
4. Unallotted labours latent talent abuse dart driven biogens
The rose upon the middle of the great world,
For new deeds public shedding of blood
To speak the truth, one has a closed mouth,
Then at time of need the awaited one comes.
Sur le milieu du grand monde la roſe
Pour nouueaux faicts ſang public eſpandu
A dire vray on aura bouche cloſe
Lors au beſoing viendra tard l'attendu.
L1: <and demon drug Solar ruleS><~i-reillume drugman leonardo uSeS~><mlii (1052) unguarded demon Solar ruleS><leonard uSeS random miller><~lime uuield drugman ordealS no ruleS~><unargued demon uSes oral rule><i damn olden miller arouSeS augured><d'orleanS random ruleS>

L2: <piScean douunPour afix auue><Pound Special caStings pub uuorn><Pour caSts afix on unSpaced uuaue>

L3: <vAried on ray aura> <he cloSe a dire ovary arab-ouun><vary on dire SeA><river ayon>ideAS

L4: <~ursa dart unaLlotted invader biogenS~><~Loud abuSers given latent rad- ion dart~> <noiSe attuned as rad dart Labours given><~i narrated given ursa talent be So Loud~>
1: unallotted, douunpour, castings, arab-ouun,
2: fascista, labours,
3: gourmand, unspaced, Leonardo, fascist, readvise, narrated,
4: unguarded, abusers, uuorn,
5: biogens, special, augured, miller, varied, ovary,
6: misrule, arrive, uuide,
7: unargued, abuser, epics, river, vary,
8: Piscean, afix, give, 
9: ordeal,
10: drugman, attuned / taunted, uuield, given, idea,
11: -
12: pub,
13: ordeals, pangs,
14: milieu, pound, abuse,
15: solace,
16: d'Orleans, arouses, capes / space,
17: -
18: latent / talent, ouuner,
19: -
20: -
21: derivant, d'Orlean / Leonard, aides / ideas,
22: random, monad,
23: -

fascista, unspaced, labours, unallotted, downpour, castings, Leonardo, fascist, gourmand, readvise, narrated, unguarded, ovary, special, biogens, miller, augured, misrule, arrive, unargued, vary, wide, river, Piscean, epics, afix, ordeal, drugman, attuned, abuse, given, idea, d'Orleans, wield, arouses, talent, taunted, random, owner, solace,


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