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Nostradamus C5 Q97: Royal mercy-killing condoned by change to usual laws
Copyright: Allan Webber, December 2015, Feb 2023

The Codon verse series in Nostradamus' PropheciesThis verse is paired with C5 Q97 because they each emphasize the aspect of mutations arising within genes.

C5 Q97s first line of text says The one born deformed suffocated in horror. Now this is quite an unusual entry since there is no way that such an occurrence has any impact on human history. To be worthy of inclusion in the prophecies it has to be via the significance of a process where the genes of parents are transformed in the foetal stage.

Nostradamus C5 Q97 Denominations decrees blame Encoder codon timesThe anagrams of this verse give strength to this possibility and in so doing imply the harm arises from a treatment apllied to the mother. They include morphea (rare skin disease more common in white women), hoary (white haired), drug, habit, hamper, form and codon. Some of these lead to that first line containing a theme cohesive message Any day hamper if morphea drug habit  form.

The last lines anagrams have a sequence very closely allied to that in the first line. It says codon nine times garble letters (Greſle et tonnere Condon ineſtimable) and that sequence is overlain by denominations and blame. Through these formations we can feel that the harm comes via harmful impacts of drugs upon the critical genetic transformations upon which foetal growth relies.

At the same time this verse nominates a city in Spain where the guards attending a royal family are the suppliers of the drugs demanded by their Queen.

The one born deformed suffocated in horror,
In the habitable city of the great King
The severe edict of the captives revoked,
Hail and thunder, Condom inestimable.
Le nay difforme par horreur ſuffoque
Dans la cite du grand Roy habitable
L'edict ſeuere des captifs reuoque
Greſle et tonnere Condon ineſtimable
L1: <if day for morphea (scleradoma) err><if form inlayed><prearm off inLayed>

L2: <~landS cite a hoaRy (greyish-white) and bitable drug~><duet Dalliances dragonRy habit><it able tie drug scandal><~table anD castile drug and hoaRy bit~><~tie clans bi Datable and hoaRy drug~> <Danes citadel>

L3: <first escaped rue uuoqe idLe Sect><oLder-queue fits space><if uSe apt decrees oLder-queues cited><oLder-queues cited uSe depreciates><pit decrease ><surfeit spaced><fires aspect uuoqe idLe Sect>

L4: <Condone timeS in elGebra (Orionis)><enCoder inset no letter-ennS><onCe denominationS><not blame its nine letterS-Ge recondone><i condone ambients>
1: denominations, inlayed, older-queues, escaped,
2: dalliances, depreciates, estimable, bi-metals, hamper, morphea, first, hoary, ambients,
3: bitable, datable, surfeit, Elgebra / Elgebar,
4: prefits, decrease, ambit, usurer,
5: encoder, decrees, 
6: deceits, codon, tabled, canals, Cetus,
7: citadels, condone, strife, 
8: aseptic, furies, Aroph, ceased,
9: Salic,
10: underdrag, scandal,
11: -
12: resettle, from / form,
13: edicts, aspect / epacts,
14: dialect / citadel, Castile / elastic, pacts, settle, clans, creeds / screed,
15: lamb, furs,
16: capes, space,
17: dragonry, argued, bled,
18: blade, table,
19: blame, day,
20: inmates, habit, fires, harp, off,
21: -,
22: caps,
23: -

inlayed, denominations, older-queues, escaped, estimable, dalliances, depreciates, bi-metals, surfeit, hamper, morphea, first, bitable, hoary, ambients, datable, encoder, decrees, usurer, deceits, tabled, citadels, canals, condone, strife, scandal, from, pacts, settle, clans, dragonry, creeds, argued, blade, blame, day, inmates, habit, fires, Castile.


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