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Nostradamus C5 Q99: Information on important issues of the code method.
Copyright: Allan Webber, December 2015

The following verse has an unusual quality befitting the penultimate verse of the middle chapter of the Prophecies. Its text identifies specific places and a cryptic reference that should aid in dating it. However the anagrams don't point to a historical event but instead they have the consistent appearance of being about Nostradamus' coding technique telling us where to look and what to expect at special locations.

Anagrams that help in giving meaning to this verse include:

 inate eye inflame rarer Etrurian quill
Milan Ferrare Turin et Aquilleye

encap presage burden client quiet neglect vis apexes rectangle percentages piquance
Capne Brundis vexes par gent Celtique

paler only really equaling phonate alpha angle
Par le Lyon et phalange aquilee

inquirant quin waken numerator fleech (coax) exurbiant five I use
Quant Rome aura le chef vieux Britannique
Milan, Ferrara, Turin and Aquileia,
Capua, Brindisi vexed by the Celtic nation
By the Lion and his Eagle's phalanx,
When the old British chief Rome will have.
Milan Ferrare Turin et Aquilleye
Capne Brundis vexes par gent Celtique
Par le Lyon et phalange aquilee
Quant Rome aura le chef vieux Britannique
L1: <Final Quatrein M (1000=X.100) True rare ill eye> <eTrurian liquAte><rarer FeMinal uTerine equAllity><Terra urinAte / urAnite quill inflaMe eye> <A quill reunite eye rare / rear inFlamer><Terra inflaMer ruin eye>

L2: <Burden is perCentages piquanCe (potential rightness) vex><Bindrune letter-spaCing vexes><presag-ient Celt> <reCtangle quite Cap><quite negleCt> <presage vex><Burn devixes>apexes

L3: <reaLly note alpha equi-angle><Lonely> <phaeton / phonate (sound source) reaLly aPe-lique (ape-like) angel> <onLy aPe-lique angel rePeal path>

L4: <Quatrain-unique numeRator> <QuateRon (set of four) anti quin BurieX five><quintain (fifth]) fleche (church spire) exurBiant (outside city) iv /vi [4/6]> <five uxe inquinate (to defile) QuateRon (set of for) riB><inquirant uuaQen>QuateRn (poetic term for four verses)
1: letter-spacing, percentages, exurbiant, bindrune, buriex,
2: equallity, equiangle / equaling, Phaeton /phonate,
3: piquance, really, apexes,
4: rectangle, quateron, neglect, aquilege, burned, burden, vexes, path,
5: inflame / feminal,
6: numerator, Etrurian,
7: quatern / querant, alpha, exurb,
8: inquirant, loyaler, lonely, caique,
9: inquinate, quintain, Etruria, grasp,
10: quatrein, five,
11: presage, reunite / uterine, burn,
12: -
13: -
14: quantile, uuaqen, rarer,
15: -
16: liquate, uranite, quill, finale,
17: -
18: final, aural,
19: -
20: -
21: quilt,
22: -
23: -

exurbiant, bindrune, buries, letter-spacing, percentages, phonate, piquance, really, equaling, rectangle, apexes, quateron, neglect, aquilege, path, inflame, burden, vexes, loyaler, Etrurian, numerator, alpha, quatern, inquirant, inquinate, quatrein, five, reunite, lonely, presage, waken, rarer, quantile, final, uranite, quill, liquate.


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