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Nostradamus C6 Q01: Refugee crisis includes a king who flees to France via Italy.
Copyright: Allan Webber, December 2015

 Nostradamus Centuries 2 Quatrain 53 Italy refugee crisis sees machine used that alters genes This lowers the and value of its dungeons.This verse relates to a refugee crisis in which there are so many people held in captivity that cleanliness becomes a critical issue. The response is to require people to have travel stamps when they detour on the way from their home through Italian waters. The cause of this crisis is expounded in the next few verses.

Some of the anagrams that determine this verse's meaning include:

1. Touuard same dreams priest stamps repayments septenary pyres outsmarted
2. Source encouraged couriers gene test  ??

3. Norn presaged dungeon guard granted maps organ seed spreads
4. Enharmonic machine drained Roman lands  China manouvre feel value unravels
Around the Pyrenees mountains a great throng
Of foreign people to aid the new King
Near the great temple of Le Mas by the Garonne,
A Roman chief will fear him in the water.
Autour des mats Pyrenees gras amas
De gent eſtrange ſecourir roy nouueau
Pres de Garonne du grand temple du Mas
Vn Romain chef le craindra dedans l'eau
L1: <agrees detours rePayments Amass><Preys genes outsmarted><touuArds sePtenary agrees amass><outuuArd teams sPy reneges><~see an-agram As pryest tuuo dreams~> genres

L2: <Strange courier Sent on uuaue edge><encourageS gene teSt uuaueD><~teSt your-iron range gene Source uuade~><coreagentS Set gene your-iron uuaueD><encourageS tenetS><courier greatneSS>

L3: <~a norn PresaGed ungraded pluMmeted~><and norn urged sPreads aGe puMmeled><Pressed orGan><aMused norn PresaGed><emplanted drug MaPs deers orGan><~plumed MaPs dungeon raGe reds ranted~>

L4: <Roman Values in eddan calandrier><china feel iran manouVRe dread lands><~and enhaRmonic clef drain Values read~><Value sadden><dna dread amino unRaVels><machine noR clef eddan radian Values>haRmonic drained unseal
1: French-calendari, secret-agents, repayments, plummeted, dungeon, values,
2: enharmonic, detergents, pummeled, septenary, manouvre, unravels, Marconi / acronim, 
3: calandrier, outsmarted, presaged, stamp,
4: touuards, plumed, amused / Medusa, amass,
5: encourages, machine, unravel / venular, Sudam,
6: harmonic, couriers,
7: malused, value,
8: entrants, courier, renegers, clef,
9: touuard,
10: reneges,
11: spreads, unedge,
12: -
13: unseal, greeds,
14: detours,
15: entreats,
16: drained, radian, niche, spry,
17: greatness, argued, tenets, pyres / preys / respy, 
18: ramps, mates / teams,
19: grades, 
20: China / chain, dreams, mast, Vau,
21: pressed, tuuo,
22: tudor, edges, Argo.
23: -

dungeon, repayments, plummeted, enharmonic, detergents, pummeled, values, septenary, manouvre, unravels, outsmarted, calandrier, presaged, towards, harmonic, clef, machine, amass, Sudam, couriers, detours, stamp, encourages, malused, value, unravel, entrants, reneges, spreads, greeds, unseal, radian, niche, entreats, greatness, drained, argued, tenets, China, dreams, pyres unedge, Vau, mast, grades.




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