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Nostradamus C6 Q02: Sound used in dating method to identify planetary ciphers.
Copyright: Allan Webber, December 2015

Cipher for Spirit of JupiterThis verse delivers Nostradamus' cipher for Jupiter. The secret lies in the repetitive 'on' sound in the text and it is the way the sound switches between the forms 'on', 'lon', 'son', 'ron' and 'ton' that defines the ciphers.

It is likely the two year-dates given refer to 2138-2141CE and 2258-2261CE which is the dates obtained when adding the time at which these prophecies were written.

The first line holds four 'on' ciphers, 'en', 'lan', 'cen' and 'tan'. The second line has 'on', 'ten' and 'ran'. In the third there are 'en', 'lan', 'cen' and 'en'. The fourth contains 'ron' and 'chan'. Together they offer five unique cipher models based on their associative vowel. It is possible to deduce that the sequence of vowel sounds for the five kingdoms is "-lctr"

The anagrams present the detail to which the sound ciphers dating mechanism applies while the letters of the kingdoms lctr identify a pattern for the Spirit of Jupiter (shown above).

Anagrams that help in giving meaning to this verse include:

clan kin Constance constant Pentacost octane pulse mentions planet monies
En l'an cinq cens octante plus et moins

notated leaders decentralise beeline strange reagents Garonne genomist eternalised Argentines tonnage
On attendra le ſiecle bien eſtrange

planets scene secretitious tenets next mentions Osiric sign
En l'an ſept cens et trois cieux en teſmoings

equip wiser wiles rulers genes Genevans kin evanescing forechant
Qui pluſieurs regnes vn a cinq feront change.

C6 Q02

In the year five hundred eighty more or less,
One will await a very strange century:
In the year seven hundred and three the heavens are witness
That several kingdoms one to five will make a change.

En l'an cinq cens octante plus et moins
On attendra le ſiecle bien eſtrange
En l'an ſept cens et trois cieux en teſmoings
Qui pluſieurs regnes vn a cinq feront change.
  1. <constant pulse><mEntions planet use><pentacost><constance><clan incq><moisten constant pulse>
  2. <One Slice be alternated argentineS><decentraliSe arSenite tOnnage><nOtate eternaliSed grantS><~icelanderS nOtate Strange beeline~><iSrael attend entrieS celeb gone><~agen nOtate icelanderS bile enterS~><generantS reannOtated><Orange reSent bile>
  3. <next Some planetS Ensign><uxe osiric tenets><mentionS angEls excretitious scent> <eroticist scene mentionS planEtS uxe><planetS scene mentionS excretitious sign><genomiSt secretitious xen>moiSten
  4. <uuiSer genres eQuip><not change><evanescing [disappearing]><incq forechant><Usuries genres>ieuuS nvances
1: excretitious, secretitious, evanescing, beeline,
2: reannotated, forechant, Pentacost, eroticist, constant,
3: decentralise, Constance, Argentines, euxenite, tonnage, Osiric,
4: eternalised, alternated, unspelt, sidereal, leanness, negress,
5: genomist, mentions (2x), notate,
6: Icelanders, generants,
7: Tarchon, 
8: octanes, 
9: moisten (2x), Cato,
10: patent,
11: Nogarets, Irelands, planets, reurges, mutes,
12: coast,
13: next,
14: Nogaret, monies / Simeon (2x), planet,
15: Garonne,
16: usuries,
17: tenets, Ieuus / uuise,
18: tenant,
19: ensign, uuiles,
20: arsenite, realise,
21: omit, vans,
22: uuiser, cqin / incq (2x),

excretitious, secretitious, evanescing, beeline, reannotated, eroticist, forechant, constant, Pentacost, Constance, decentralise, Argentines, euxenite, tonnage, eternalised, sidereal, Osiric, leanness, genomist, alternated, mentions, Icelanders, notate, octanes, patent, Tarchon, Cato, moisten, Irelands, coast, Nogaret, reurges, planets, mutes, arsenite, generants, next, Garonne, Jews, monies, usuries, tenets, ensign, tenant, wiles.



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