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Nostradamus C6 Q06: European computerised genocide used on victims of cosmic fallout
Copyright: Allan Webber, December 2015, 2022

Nostradamus guide in his 1558 Epistle to Henry about an event that shakes the Earth's axisThe Axis shift verse series in Nostradamus' PropheciesNotably the quote alongside stresses the death of Jesus Christ and implies there is an unusual astronomic phenomena linked to that event.  In this series the bearded star is present in several of the verse's text but what unites it most strongly with two other verses in this series is the presence of on one of the three anagrams for uuheel (wheel). This term is in each case linked to a spectacular astronomic phenomenon and in this instance it forms an adjacent  sequence saying GENOCIDAL WHEEL ill selector. Some additional validity is generated  by other anagrams for computerised  and co-aligned since such terms imply a modernity linked to an astronomical alignment.

It is the anagrams shown above which imply humans intervene in the events created by an unusual astronomic event as well as the astronomic tone of the text and the tone of death also in the text that caused me to pair this verse with C8 Q49.

This verse's anagrams  hints that the human reaction to the stellar anomaly is at first focused on its impact outdoors so that airports, crNostradamus centuries 6 quatrain 06 Bearded star genocidal Wheel Airportsops and herds present crucial aspects to be confronted and then follows illness, disease, dread of the unknown, paranoia and alienation of those showing signs of contamination by the anomaly. More on these aspects appears in other verses in this series and those that deliver the ongoing story line.

This verse C6 Q06  has attracted much public attention over the years with its identifying themes of a fiery object in the sky linked to the death of a pope. The anagrams that have not been seen before my writings are no less sensational since they present a  tale of computerised genocide utilising a lottery system to determine who will have the right to live or die. It also suggests the victims are people afflicted by epidermal diseases. More can be found  on this aspect in my papers titled Fire in the Sky and Maths.

There will appear towards the North
Not far from Cancer the bearded star:
Susa, Siena, Boeotia, Eretria,
The great one of Rome will die, the night over.
Apparoiſtra vers le Septentrion
Non loing de Cancer l'eſtoille cheuelue
Suze Sienne Boece Eretrion
Mourra de Rome grand la nuict diſperue.
  1. <Several /revealS airportS penetrAtion(s) / presentation><~ten Step propArian (fossil trilobite) riot reveals~><avertS leSser><travelerS pretentionS>
  2. <ill electronS genocidal> <nongenoCidal Selector ><~cell decloning uuheel tolerance-iS none~>
  3. <routineS Bonne Sieze><iS Suez rEerection>
  4. <german land arMoured oR rue depictS><coMputeriSed uni><predictS><arMoured lunatic moRe danger> <gameRon / megaRon (Sthrn Iran) land rearMoured> <preSuMe i induct SupreMe land><pSeudoMetric> <diSeMpouuer> <epiderMous>
1: nongenocidal, computerised, pseudometric, disempouuer, decloning, rearmored, depicts,
2: penetrations, presentation, pretentions, penetration, epidermous, coaligned, genocidal, pretention, reerections, rearmoured, votaries, reversal, caged,
3: tolerancies, reerection, disrepute, celloist, predicts, travelers, lunatic, electors / selector, presume / supreme, uuheel, sieze (2x),
4: disputer, nitrous, peerless, Lucina / Lucian,
5: armoured, ardour, Zeus / uzes / Suez,
6: Gameron / Megaron,
7: adiunct, striped,
8: steeple, mouuer,
9: size,
10: noodling, tolerances, depriues, retire,
11: routines, cancer, avert,
12: reveals / several, averts / vaster / starve,
13: induct, nonoil, cleaner, prides, toils, levers / revels,
14: Bonne,
15: -
16: -
17: -
18: -
19: -
20: engram / German, rioter, spied,
21: -
22: airports, Iona,
23: electrons, doing,

nongenocidal, computerised, pseudometric, disempowuer, decloning, depicts, penetrations, presentation, pretentions, epidermous, coaligned, genocidal, reerections, rearmoured, votaries, reversal, caged, tolerancies, reerection, disrepute, celloist, predicts, travelers, lunatic, selector, supreme, wheel, sieze, disputer, nitrous, peerless, Lucian, armoured, ardour, Zeus, Gameron, adiunct, striped, steeple, size, noodling, tolerances, deprives, retire, routines, cancer, avert, reveals, vaster, induct, nonoil, cleaner, prides, toils, levers, Bonne, German, rioter, spied, airports, Iona, electrons, doing,



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