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Copyright: Allan Webber, December 2015

This verse relates to the multi-racial tenor of modern culture that became part of France in the centuries after Nostradamus' life. But in our century as the environment degenerates through flood and fire this multicultural strength becomes the focal point for genocidal war.

Anagrams that help in giving meaning to this verse include:

V(5) codeless rules  temples supplemented
Vn peu de temps les temples des couleurs

enabled doctrine used next enter melees noncreditable deeds
De blanc et noir des deux entremeſlee

rogue jets junta lures rumble role stolen rules
Rouges et jaunes leur embleront les leurs

offal generates steeper fate aim feud fumed wade
Sang terre peſte faim feu d'eau affollee
In a short time the temples with colors
Of white and black of the two intermixed
Red and yellow ones will carry off theirs from them
Blood, land, plague, famine, fire extinguished by water
Vn peu de temps les temples des couleurs
De blanc et noir des deux entremeſlee
Rouges et jaunes leur embleront les leurs
Sang terre peſte faim feu d'eau affollee
L1: <stempel codeless><meets V supplemented rules><stemples rules-decouples><stemple upend temples seeds>

L2: <undersexed noncelibate><elSe enableD seed doctrine term uxe><uxe noncreDitable deeds><next notice red used enableD meleeS><Bleed deeds container><enableD coresident exudes><iron lancet deeds><desired connate uxe><octennial Semele meter oriented desertion

L3:<nobler rules let Rogues><jaunt / junta see stollen regRouus><else junta rumble><Rogues rules stolen jet reneuuals>

L4: <regenerates Step><i fumed peerS Strange fate><feud aim><negateS peStererer><reagentS peSter><regret offal uuade enSeal peSt>
1: noncreditable, supplemented, noncelibate, undersexed, reneuuals, regrouus,
2: octennial, regenerates, ruleless, rumble, desired, offal,
3: nonrecital, recondite, codeless, junta / jaunt,
4: unsexed, fumed, jets,
5: coresident, container, desertion, stranger, enabled,
6: doctrine, ulcerous, connate, indorse,
7: stollen, regrant,
8: deduxes, Lenaeus, jet,
9: smelter, nobler,
10: unexerted, Stemples,
11: louuers / slouuer, tells, fume,
12: negates, regret,
13: oriented, unseal, melees / Semele, bleed, next,
14: -
15: feast / fates,
16: -
17: bled,
18: blade, rulers,
19: lancet,
20: generates, teenagers, pelmets / Stemple / Stempel / temples, off,
21: louuer, aleles, 
22: fate,
23: uuade.

undersexed, noncelibate, supplemented, noncreditable, renewals, regrows, octennial, ruleless, rumble, junta, regenerates, desired, codeless, offal, recondite, container, enabled, stranger, doctrine, indorse, connate, stollen, coresident, ulcerous, smelter, generates, fate, fumed, jets, desertion, nobler, rulers, regret, lancet, blade, unexerted.





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