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Nostradamus C6 Q11: Modern destruction triggered by tampering with petrol.
Copyright: Allan Webber, December 2015

 Nostradamus Centuries 6 Quatrain 11 Seven branches reduced to three elder one surprised by death two seduced to fracticide and conspirators dead while sleeping.This verse is one of only two holding anagrams for destruction (ont reduicts, ront ſeduic). The only other occurrences is in C.1 Q.47. It is also one of only three verses to hold an anagram for mesotrons (s ſeront mor) an older term used for 'hadron' a concept that is in keeping with modern (en dorm) technological activities in Lake Leman but these terms didn't exist in the sixteenth century (See Geneva 2065 for more).

Anagrams that help in giving meaning to this verse include:

1. Destruction stories seeds trespassed part amuxe
2. Psellus Pauls sensualizes sin Norse purist rezones turns on petrols
3. Elders fratricides dexterousness reintroduces instructed destructions
C4. Cornelius mesotrons rezoned random Norse tormentors clones

C6 Q11

The seven branches will be reduced to three,
The elder ones will be surprised by death,
The two will be seduced to fratricide,
The conspirators will be dead while sleeping.
Des ſept rameaux a trois ſeront reduicts
Les plus aiſnez ſeront ſurprins par mort
Fratricider les deux ſeront ſeduicts
Les coniurez en dormans ſeront morts.
  1. <destruction part Seeds riSes><reintroduces uxa riots><or Stories turned eDicts Steps arm uxa><instructed part roSes trio Seeds>
  2. <pseLLus [11th C Byz monk expert on demons] mort-aL Sin rezoneS sprain Spurt><zeroeS pauls Sin pens-mortal turns><sensualiZes>
  3. <elders deStruction exudeS><elder dexterouSneSs><introduceS><rex-deuS elders Seduction><norSe elders first-Seduct triadic uxe>
  4. <corneLius [16th C code expert] rezoned mans norSe storm><mans tormentorS endorze ruin cLoses> <cousin endorze><modern reaSons><re tormentors randomnesz secLusion>
2: SECLUSION, REINTRODUCES, TORMENTORS, DESTRUCTIONS, triadic, endorze / REZONED, azines, dozen / zoned, tax,
3: destruction (2x), introduces, reductions, INSTRUCTED, randomness, tinctured, MESOTRONS, TRESPASSED,  rosex,
4: introducer, seduction, tormentor, dissect, closes, spurt, turns,
5: Cornelius / inclosure, NORSEMANS, RANSOMS,
6: Rex-Deus, needz,
7: introduce / reduction, unrestored, resonants, incloses, senze,
8: Montrose / Rosemont, unsorted, Psellus, purrs, endz / zend, Zens,
9: intrude / untried, resiled, reuxes,
10: modern,
11: cousin, rezones, Arto / ratio,
12: zeroes, zeer,
13: petrols, edicts, tamper,
14: monsters,
15: duties, suited, zeros,
16: cried,
17: turned, relied, amuxe,
18: speeds, ramps, seerz,
19: pellus, pains / spain, zeen,
20: reasons, spin, zees,
21: -
22: random, spelt,
23: mortar, armor'

dexterousness, sensualises, destruction, reintroduces, tormentors, seclusion, endorses, rezoned, mesotrons, Cornelius, instructed, dissect, Norseman's, randomness, Psellus, sense, resonants, intrude, modern, edict. zeroes, tamper, monsters, duties, petrols, pains, random, reason, cried. 



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