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Nostradamus C06 Q12: Modern war allusion to cannibalism in 1st Crusade.
Copyright: Allan Webber, December 2015

Nostradamus Prophecies Centuries 6 Quatrain 12 Europism predecessor paganises Aegipaens Aruspice Auspice processThis verse has a strong blend of ancient and modern war references. The anagrams imply a distinct period, that of the 1st Crusade. It was at this time that Tancred was a leading Crusader, one linked to the cannibalism of that campaign. The anagram of Laestrygonian alludes to an even more ancient people known for their cannibalism. Such an allusion implies that at a future date cannibalism in war will be quite notable again.

Anagrams that help in giving meaning to this verse include:

1. Emperial predecessor recopies numerator process Montreal reimpel Europism
Italy auvard antic Laestrygonian organs trained
3. Aegipeans aruspice auspice cause Persia aflame Angolans gasoline
4. Tancred no frenetical illiterate after eternal cancer interface connected
Contre l'Italie et France contendra.
To raise forces to ascend to the empire
In the Vatican the Royal blood will hold fast:
Flemings, English, Spain with Aspire
Against Italy and France will he contend.

Dreſſer copies pour monter a l'Empiree
Du Vatican le ſang Royal tiendra
Flamans Anglois Eſpaigne auec Aſpire  
Contre l'Italie et France contendra.
  1. <preDeceSSor montreal imposure><copier pose reDreSS numerator> <proceSS imposure> <supremo altEr on prime copierS>
  2. <ViaDuct laneS laity oRgan><laeStRygonian (anc Gk Giant Cannibal)><gyRational><angelS oRdinately><aRytenoidal><legationaRy><Venatical (hunting) oRganS lay unraiDed>
  3. <a mans gAsolinE FireplAceS> cAuSe paganiSE pire><aFlame><a mans AuSpice is Seaping Along Flare><Angolans Flame><SpicA Flare mans gaSoline>
  4. <Illiterate fete draCon not cancer><aFter connect draCon> <tancred (1st Crusade leader) once elite> <~Frenetical alterCatIon contender~>
1: LAESTRYGONIAN, legationary, arytenoidal, altercation, gyrational, gyratonal, FRENETICAL, ILLITERATE, viaduct, laity,
2: vulcanisate, PREDECESSOR, planometer, fireplaces, venatical, inclavate, imposure, EUROPISM, supremo, pilfers, Tancred,
3: ordinately, contender, reprocess / precessor, PAGANISE, recopies, connect, pilfer,
4: epidermal, Angolans, Aegina, uvard, pipes,
5: aruspice, copiers, auspice, Aegipan, process,
6: gasolines, numerator, fertile, aflame, litter, Spica,
7: interface, ordnance, respired / reprised, copies, Aeacus,
8: contend, copier, spies,
9: unraided,
10: gasoline,
11: cancer, rifle,
12: emperial, draco, gory / orgy,
13: Montreal, literal, organs, drier / direr,
14: mourn,
15: -
16: remount, drained, epiderm / primed, refail, capes / space,
17: eternal,
18: slang, flame,
19: -
20: Vau, redress
21: -
22: pride, caps,
23: cleans / lances, impel.

illiterate, Laestrygonan, frenetical, Tancred, connect, predecessor, copies, Angolan, gasoline, paganise, fireplaces, imposure, contender, plain-meter, process, Aegipan, augur, aruspice, numerator, interface, Spica, Cancer, Draco, Montreal contend, emperial, rifle, direr, flame, drained, eternal, organs Vau redress.



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