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Nostradamus C6 Q13: Burial rituals affect the genetic material used for cloning.
Copyright: Allan Webber, December 2015

Nostradamus centuries 6 quatrain 13 Poetical Endeavour Savoured Mortuarian LoadingThis verse and the next (C6 Q14) belong to the series on Fire in the Sky which is one of Nostradamus' driving concerns since it is these events that set in place the mutant changes in the human gene. The prime anagram that links it to this series is that for uranolites (ouſtenir La) which is an old term for space objects. The stories that unfold in both anagrams and text are about events resulting from the barrage of meteorites and in particular the story of the cloning of man from genes that future people believe are the legacy contained within Christian Jesus-founded religious relics.

Anagrams that help in giving meaning to this verse include:

1. Ungodlier gene undergoing buxine  envied
2. Pauls grand love towards uranolites savoured Nestorius routine part
3. Platonic poetical endeavour quit on a point uglier panic gene devour
4. Saint-Germain encharged mortuarian open armour arresting inanimate mania

# uranolites: another name for meteorites or aerolites.
A doubtful one will not come far from the realm,
The greater part will want to uphold him
A Capitol will not want him to reign at all,
He will be unable to bear his great burden.
Vn dubieux ne viendra loing du regne
La plus grand part le voudra ſouſtenir
Vn Capitole ne voudra point qu'il regne
Sa grande charge ne pourra maintenir
L1: <ireland undergoing / guerdoning (bestowing) beduin venuex><gene drug in d'orlean veinx><ungodlier reinvade><vixen / veinx during d'orlean gene><envied gene during oral buxine (box tree drug)> <loading driven urge>

L2: <plantard Savoured uranoLiteS plugs><plantard Savoured paLl routines>><part ovule reaStoundS piLlar><pauLs grandpa revolT><aS vuord routineS alter><So apriL tune a uvord><S pLurals uniteS a V>entraiLS P arduouS love><neStoriuS LAW>pLainer devour

L3: <platoniC endeavour leVering point><optiCal / topiCal / Coalpit E P><VnpotiCal gene oven><a point devour liquer><vapored ion quit><even pilot><vuord>uglier panic

L4: <~pen encharged mortuarian granarieS~><~retainS danger in paramour gene><Saintgermain gene uproar><carnaged aim insert open hanger><genearch diSarrange open raimant><arreSting marian & O c><archdean angrieSt gene>inanimate armour arraignS nitramine
1: Saint-Germain, guerdoning / undergoing, ungodlier, platonic, endeavour, poetical, Plantard, during, buxine,
2: encharged / rechanged, enographe, inanimate, coalpit / optical / topical, savoured, levering / reveling, unbid, vixen,
3: mortuarian / Muratorian, nitramine, vapoured, loading, arduous, plural, revolt,
4: charged, ordinal, plurals, Beduin, pillar,
5: paramour, Archdean, raimant, Venux,
6: grandpas, arraigns, ovule,
7: uranolites, Nestorius, Saturniel, arresting, granaries, arched, pilot,
8: disarrange, carnaged, polite, innate,
9: reastounds, charge,
10: encharge / genearch, angriest, reeling, linger, panic, 
11: routines, liquer,
12: Roland, uglier, Marian,
13: Maria, bud / dub,
14: reliant, Vienne, nux,
15: entrails / latrines, devour (2x), Rigel,
16: repour, love, pad,
17: grandpa,
18: plainer, liner,
19: mania, elven,
20: uvord (2x),
21: d'Orlean / leonard (2x), quilt,
22: -
23: doing, linear.

Saint-Germain, Nestorius, undergoing, ungodlier, platonic, endeavour, during, Plantard, poetical,, enographe, inanimate, coalpit, savoured, arresting, mortuarian, charged, loading, nitramine, vapoured, buxine, Archdean, paramour, Venus,, raimant, angriest, genearch, reeling, Marian, ovule, routines, linger, pilot, disarrange, innate, panic, mania, carnaged, granaries, reliant, liquer,uranolites, ordinal, pillar, reastounds, Vienne, arduous, Beduin, revolt, Rigel, d'Orlean, plainer, word, devour, uglier, bud.



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