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Nostradamus C6 Q16: A sect raises the young to power and theatens gene-based patricide.
Copyright: Allan Webber, December 2015

 Nostradamus Centuries 6 Quatrain 16 That carried off by young hawk by Normans of FRance and Picardy sees the black ones of Forest temple make an Inn and fire of LombardyThis verse tells the story of a sect that patiently takes power and then seeks to create a society that favours young leaders over those who are older. It has tones reminiscient of several failed regimes of our recent past but there is also an empasise on genes which implies it too is part of the major scenarios Nostradamaus created for the coming centuries.

Anagrams that help in giving meaning to this verse include:

1. Clue uueeq years uueary aduersary reads Jeuu June
2. Normalness randomness paired fear patience predicate mans personal patricide
3. Duets indorses plumed duel uuielded gene Iris evil lives resiling
4. Federation feud model fueled mob
That carried off by the young Hawk,
By the Normans of France and Picardy
Black ones of the temple of Black Forest place
Will make an inn and fire of Lombardy.
Ce que rauy ſera du jeune Milue
Par les Normans de France et Picardie
Les noirs du temple du lieu de Negriſilue
Feront aulberge et feu de Lombardie.
L1: <euil men jeuu aduerSary><june><~jude euil menu uueacqer yearS~><jeuu readS queer Mine Clue >uueary

L2: <danes sermoN><PersoNal Patricide><Fear raNdomness> <Patience><d'France Predicate><Paired Normalness><France learNs Nostre-dame><Paler Nosemans><romans PleNaries Predicate><orleaNs remands><almoNers Paired><Norse fear damns><rePeal>

L3: <pelmet deSigner uuield euil Lesion><deuil gene stumped senior duel><euil reigNS pulled muted Senior><iSil uuield pelmet geNder><indorses mute>unedge rusted plumed reSiliNg / rieSliNg

L4: <FormidabLe e feud greet ><bluer Federation bar feet module><fueled mob greet federation><a Fortunable mob elude ride / dire fete>
1: FORMIDABLE, PATRICIDE, ADUERSARY, RESILING, NORMALNESS,  2: UUIELDED, UUEARY, PATIENCE,  3: INDORSES, RANDOMNESS, uueacqer, stumped, rarefied, pulled,  4: NORSEMAN, FEDERATION, PREDICATE, FUELED, MODULE, Norseman, plumed,  5: Norsemans, reigned, tubal,  6: DESIGNER,  7: MUTED, JEUU,    8: -  9: uueecq, MODEL, neume,  10: PERSONAL uuield, acrid, Jude,
11: unedge, fired, iris,
12: plenaries, almoners,
13: d'France, quaere,
14: -
15: remands, paired, damns,
16: sermon, bard,
17: reigns / resign / singer, bluer, menu,
18: diuerts, dust,
19: peratic, norms,
20: amends, years,
21: June.
22: -
23: -

normalness, patricide, adversary, resiling, formidable, patience, wielded, weary, randomness, indorses, weaker, federation, predicate, plumed, module, fueled, Norsemans, designer, muted, Jew, model, personal, menu, unedge, Jude, fired, acrid, iris, d'France, quaere, almoners, plenaries, remands, bard, paired, sermon, damns, bluer, years, June week, dust, diverts, peratic, norms.


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