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Nostradamus C6 Q17: Sumerian allusions used for Swedish destruction of evidence.
Copyright: Allan Webber, December 2015

This verse displays several features that are common throughout Nostradamus verses. There is often an English version of a word in the anagrams that is stated in a different line in the French text (meusniers (millers) in line 3 and milleress in line 1). It is by such links that Nostradamus provides the detail needed to give the context for his visible words. The story relates to events yet to come at a time when people neglect their duties and suffer the consequences of ill preparation for bombardment from the skies.

Anagrams that help in giving meaning to this verse include:

Brussels submersile erbiums (rare earths) less laziness Persian repels
Apres les limes bruſlez les aſiniers

countries destructions change Hebraist absurdities counters Nestorians discourse constraints
Contraints ſeront changer habits diuers

paler numeries insures Lesser Ninurta (Sumerian war God) burns in rules
Les Saturnins bruſlez par les meuſniers

quaternaries increase  shower solar pall Uppsala part enquires Pauls equestrian Quatreins
Hors la plus part qui ne ſera couuers

# Ninurta: Sumerian God of hunting and war thought to be equivalent to the biblical Nimrod
Erbium: a white rare earth metallic element from Lanthanide series used as a source for lasers; first discovered in Sweden.
After the files are burnt the mule-headed,
Will be obliged to change diverse garbs:
Those of Saturn burned by the millers,
Except the greater part which will not be covered.
Apres les limes bruſlez les aſiniers
Contraints ſeront changer habits diuers
Les Saturnins bruſlez par les meuſniers
Hors la plus part qui ne ſera couuers.
  1. <lazineSs ruleS Arise repels smiles> <persiA lesser Sin Slumbers lazes ><bruSselz milleress (in) persiAn aiSles><lesser Seals in persiA submersile><erbiums seller perSiA lazineSs ruleS>
  2. <absurdities norSe chant Constraint><reStraints not change destruCtions><norSe sourCe adhibits (admits) triStan anger><hebraist disCouer><~nEstorians chant deStruction harbinge-r~>disCourse reSistant Countries suited Curies aSsertion
  3. <bruSseLz turn in airLeSsness><Sunrise resample StarleSs ruin><burnS at Sunrise ruin seem LeSs><ninurtaS muSes blurS lESs risen><StarLess burnS in ur sunrise><ninurtaS uSe LeSs riSen realms>
  4. <~equeStrian couu Horse plurals spar~><enquireS pauls parT><quatreinS are couu Horse><quaternarieS (four parts) pulps solar sHouuer><sHouuer quatrein Scare><ra equineS Horse couu part><uppsala (Swedeish city) solar sHouue quatreins Scare>uppsalr
1: absurdities, quaternaries, airlessness, adhibits, restraints, slumbers, enquires, starless,
2: destructions, submersiles, discourse, resistant, straitens, Brusselz (2x), laziness, pallors, shouuer,
3: introduces, reductions, Nestorians, milleress, hebraist, sellz,
4: submersile, countries, quatreins, restrains, plurals, numeries, discure, muses,
5: constraint, Tarquin, Ninurta,
6: equestrian, anchorets, erbiums, increase, sellers, palls, Ninur, zeals,
7: assertion, Tarchon, salutes, inserts, sunrise,
8: quietens, resample, cratons, habits, Sauniere / uneasier, burns,
9: counters, Saturnin, inquest, Tristan / transit, sutras / Tarsus, scorn,
10: quatrein, Curies / cruise,
11: Uppsala, sampler,
12: blurs (2x), sells,
13: -
14: smiles,
15: duties / suited, lasses,
16: Uppsalr, resiles, bits,
17: -
18: diuerts
19: -
20: repairs, habit, 
21: -
22: -
23: apez / apze.

quatreins, absurdities, quaternaries, airlessness, adhibits, slumbers, restraints, enquires, starless, destructions, discourse, increase, Nestorians, resistant, Brussels, laziness, hebraist, straitens, erbiums, shower, milleress, sells, countries, submersile, numeries, muses, Ninurta, constraint, equestrian, assertion, salutes, sunrise, quietens, uneasier, habits, Uppsala, resample, cratons, counters, burns, bits, suited, apes, inquest.


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