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Nostradamus C6 Q19: Ritualistic treatment of mythical gene used to produce a clone.
Copyright: Allan Webber, December 2015

 Nostradamus Centuries 6 Quatrain 19 True flame devours Lady seeks to pt innocent one to death but before her assault the army inflamed by the creation of a new bovine creatureThis verse once again presents a picture of a hostile future where mankind's progress has been reversed and yet a modern goal of regenerating clones from genes becomes the path sought by the deluded to restore the former glory of man.

Anagrams that help in giving meaning to this verse include:

1. Adam marvel year flame regulation made Altair lemma medal a ritual
2. Elementarist dreamt oceans letters matter listener retitles unsafe queue sonance devour
3. Leaders exulate assaulted peers; recites lemma enflames
4. Jesus ill omens enters bone Verseau quavers refuse waken Silenus sustained euil
# Silenus: In Greek mythology a Centaur like creature with special knowledge and the power of prophecy; companion and tutor of Dionysus and Bacchus.
The true flame will devour the lady
Who wants the Innocent Ones put to the fire
Before the assault the army is inflamed,
When in Seville a monster in beef is seen.

True flame devours Lady seeks to pt innocent one to death but before her assault the army inflamed by the creation of a new bovine creature

La vraye flamme engloutira la dame
Que voudra mettre les Innocens a feu
Pres de l'aſſaut l'exercite s'enflamme
Quant dans ſeuille monſtre en boeuf ſera veu.
  1. <a year long ritual made><a regulation vary a medaL flame><altair / atrial><lemma regulation faery><adam long ritual>
  2. conInes (hemlock poison) dream uvoQe unsafe letter><lIstener dreamt><elementarIst letters once unsafe> <lInes safe once uvord Queue matter><uvord Insolence matter><once nine--letters safe><elementarIst devour sonance><retitles dream><dreamt sterile uuove>oceans
  3. <elders aSSault re-excites><lemma reinfects eluxateS><SuSa leaders><flamens recite as leaderS exult>preSealed relaPsed
  4. stand ill monSter uSe><refuSe moSter bone><Quaver enterS fuSe bone><nulliSome enter><ill omenS enter uSe><niSeaus (Bacchus)><Solemn Silenus (Bachus chief follower) enter><enterS Sullies omens>ieSus uuaQen Sustained Stands
1: nine-letters, nullisome, reinfects, eluxates, Silenus, quaver, ill omens,
2: outlinger, insolence, exciters, 
3: elementarist, re-excites, luxates, eluxate, Niseaus,
4: illume, radial, exult,
5: -
6: regulation, urogenital, nonsterile, sustained, sullies, luxate,
7: re-excite, retitles, excite, salutes, ritual, stands, vary,
8: presealed, assault, Verseau, atrial / Altair, fey,
9: conines,
10: queue / uueeq,
11: -
12: resettle, refuse,
13: lemma (2x),
14: sonance, uuaqen, dreamt, ill use, unsafe,
15: listener, devour, oceans, arefy / faery,
16: averse,
17: issue / Iesus, Adam, been,
18: flame,
19: daunt, recite / reiect,
20: vuord,
21: letters, salute, emma (2x),
22: encites, year.
23: -

nineletters, nullisome, reinfects, quaver, Silenus, eluxates, ill omens, elementarist, insolence, outlinger, Niseaus, exult, illume radial, regulation, nonsterile, ritual, sustained, sullies, retitles, Verseau, assault, refuse, conines, queue, Altair, lemma, sonance, stands, waqen, listener, dreamt, ill use, unsafe, devour, oceans, issue, flame, Adam, word, letters, salute, year, week, Jesus, been.



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