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Nostradamus C6 Q20: Societal response to super-ape evolution at the time of great floods.
Copyright: Allan Webber, December 2015

There is a constant theme in Nostradamus work linking the turning of the Polestar due in 2105 CE with events that see the turning of man's fortunes and the formation of a new species. This theme is strongly evident in the text and anagrams of this verse. The mention of suffering in vessels in the text is consistent with Nostradamus' great flood theme as are references to lands and realms being underseas (in the anagrams). This verse is united to C6 Q17 since they both hold anagrams for Uppsala a city in Sweden.

Anagrams that help in giving meaning to this verse include:

lever union interfaces persuade pastured rewelded
L'vnion faincte ſera peu de duree

Agen forsee former Palermos palls Uppsala departs sun changes
Des vns changes reformes la plus part

lands vassel via Seas auxesis (growth) uses reagent endured undersea
Dans les vaiſſeaux ſera gent enduree

polar-star more venom move on wave lie part solar auroras menu
Lors aura Rome vn nouueau liepart.
The feigned union will be of short duration,
Some changed most reformed:
In the vessels people will be in suffering,
Then Rome will have a new Leopard.
L'vnion faincte ſera peu de duree
Des vns changes reformes la plus part
Dans les vaiſſeaux ſera gent enduree
Lors aura Rome vn nouueau liepart.
  1. <treeScape reuueLded><Secret ape vnion reuueLded><ape centreS fiona undeLivered><unreLieved perSuade><fiona ape centreS verneuiL><ape vnion interfaceS><unreviLed rape Secret due>reveL / Lever 
  2. <pauls morsel Departs ><pulps starveD><pastureD palls> <encharges / genearchs (heads of tribes) form><realms forsee>
  3. <uppsala (Nordic source) morsel frees>
  4. <SeaS uxes unregenerated save lanDs><via SeaS reagent uxe endure><~auxeSiS ( swollen cells) reagentS end unDersea vales~><~slaves / vassel generateS an enDured auxeSis~><uxa agreeS Is save unentered lanDs><turned enrageS uxa>
  5. <noun ualue move><soLar part lie on uuaue><~aRmour enuuoven poLarstar aliue~><auRoras Lot><venom nouu aliue><uuaue portaL lie>
1: undelivered, unrelieved, Polarstar, reuuelded,
2: unregenerated, unserenaded, unreviled, enuuoven,
3: encharges, starved, generate, move,
4: interfaces, Palermos, unentered, Verneuil, auxesis, auroras, venom,
5: unreleased, endured, auxeses, vassel, slaves, aurora, ararus,
6: nonevil, undersea, centers, centres, palls, lever,
7: aviles, vnion,
8: treescape,
9: vales, save,
10: departs, patrol, portal, sample, raouls, fiona,
11: uppsala, sampler,
12: pastured, changes, forsee, from, form,
13: morsel,
14: uueal, ualue, noun, visa,
15: -
16: uppsalr, creates,
17: turned,
18: vends,
19: reagent, elven, auras,
20: generates, teenagers,
21: agree,
22: encites.
23: -

Polarstar, rewelded, unserenaded, interfaces, Palermos, Verneuil, auxesis, auroras, enwoven, encharges, generate, move, unreleased, venom, slaves, endured, undersea, centers, portal, save, treescape, Uppsala, lever, sample, pastured, union, forsee, changes, depart, from, morsel, generates, value, elven, reagent, agreee.



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