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Nostradamus C6 Q21: Biassed doctrines behind the Religious Wars of the 21stC.
Copyright: Allan Webber, December 2015

The following verse contains many of the ciphers found in the Epistle account of the Eastern Antichrist and his battles with the Jesus clones. Its anagrams once again bring in the modern attributes of this war as one affecting the chemistry and biological future of our planet.

The anagrams from which the resolution of this verses meaning will come include:

unexact equal weds pre-allot quatrein [e artiq vn] nimblenesss insense nemesis
Quant ceux du polle artiq vnis ensemble

nitrogen regeneration granted daffier creature intergeneration
En Orient grand effraieur et crainte

else own waves oust granule danger granted term resemble
Eſleu nouueau ſouſtenu le grand tremble

erratic creation doctrine disrobes basis bodies encased in bandages ascend - Arab bear coresident desecration doctrinate biassed
Rodes Biſance de ſang Barbare taincte.

C6 Q 21

When those of the arctic pole are united together,
Great terror and fear in the East:
Newly elected, the great trembling supported,
Rhodes, Byzantium stained with Barbarian blood.
Quant ceux du polle artiq vnis ensemble
En Orient grand effraieur et crainte
Eſleu nouueau ſouſtenu le grand tremble
Rodes Biſance de ſang Barbare taincte.

Anagram sequences in French Text

  1. <qvatrein poll is seen><eQual unexact iraq-polluted><qvatrein ensembles><qvin nemesis preallot><qvartile nimbleness> 
  2.  <granted fafir creature><intErgeneratiOn><rEgeneratiOn interact><afire certain true>genitOr nitrOgen
  3. <uSa large tenuouS trend ouue lunes><rESemble lune granted lune ouStS>
  4. <cReation Biassed><doctRine Basis><caBins desecRation> <certain arab><barter cReation BandageS>disroBe bare aScend intact><BiaS doctRinate><barter Bandages ceRtain Bodies aScend>
  1. qvatrein, qvartile, intergeneration, regeneration
  2. preallot, doctrinate
  3. unexact, qvin, nimbleness, biassed, bandages
  4. desecretion, disrobe
  5. creature, nitrogen, interact, daffier
  6. resemble, doctrine
  7. genitor, barter, bodies
  8. -
  9. -
  10. creation / reaction
  11. -
  12. tenuous, cabins
  13. -
  14. basis, intact
  15. nemesis, certain (2 in this verse)
  16. -
  17. -
  18. ascend
  19. -
  20. -

Key Ideas:

biassed, quatrein, doctrinate, regeneration, pre-allot, nitrogen, coresident, bandages, desecration, disrobes, creature, intergeneration, creation, resemble, granule, daffier, doctrine, intact, basis, nemesis, erratic, bodies, ascend.



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