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Nostradamus C6 Q25: Stars and time at which Jean Bernuy's role as patron began.
Copyright: Allan Webber, December 2015

Nostradamus Verse C6 Q25  Bernu Cipher Anchor PlanetThis verse contains an anagram for 'Bernuy' and references which suggest it is Jean de Bernuy of Toulouse who in the second decade of the 16th century provided the bulk of the ransom to free King Francis, brother of Marguerite d'Angouleme. The anagrams provide crucial constellation and timing ciphers necessary to dating these events. The events predate the Prophecies and are of a type that I believe reinforce the that Bernuy was a patron of the sect to which Nostradamus, Marguerite and Bernuy belonged.

Flax mentioned in the text of C6 Q27 was a subsidiary industry of the pastel / woad dye that Bernuy produced and traded. In other verses about Nostradamus' Sect several anagrams for Bernuy can be found. In another verse (C3 Q23) the anagram for 'cerements' occurs and this is a word for 'shroud cloths' usually made of linen / flax. In the same region of France where several rivers unite the De Charny family had a long history, with Geoffrey de Charny being called the secret owner of the Turin shroud. This idea also links into the allusion to 'the great fisherman' found in the text of the current verse.

Anagrams that help in giving meaning to this verse include:

1. Seer raise alarm Roman harmonic cipher remap anchor re-creations
2. Cepheus rune engrouped trueborn rule ungrasped speech uneery use
3. June one iron hierarchal rigour repugned rogue hail archer
4. Bernuy junto use less true periods
Through adverse Mars will the monarchy be tried
Of the great fisherman be in ruinous trouble:
The young red black one will seize the hierarchy,
The traitors will act on a day of drizzle.
Par Mars contraire ſera la monarchie
Du grand peſcheur en trouble ruyneux
Jeune noir rouge prendra la hierarchie
Les proditeurs iront jour bruyneux

L1: <Seer alarm on a ciPher train><romana raiSe/ arieS real cipher><arc alarm on ePhraiM (Essene ldr-figtree-traitor) re-creationS> Phaneric (igneous rock) harmonical monarchial anchor

L2: <uxe Drug and Speech return><cepheuS (Constellation=king of Aethiopia) trueborn rule> <our bluer><Speech rune><and cepheuS uxe Drug ruyn rouble>

L3: <June iron archer regroup el-dhiraan><re-engroup al-dhira (Gemini-Castor & pollux) archer (Castor)><a hierarchial repugned><panderer hail rogue archer reunion> engrouped

L4: <bernuy (16th C Toulouse) our pLexus (branching network) editor><true periods><snorri jot><editor expuLse><bernuy tripod Luxes (units of illumination)>

1: diarrheal, Ephraim, plexus,
2: harmonical / monarchial, engrouped, El-Dhiraan, Champier, railhead, trueborn, repugned, Al-dhira, plexors, Cepheus, Harald, Snorri, return,
3: hierarchial, hierarchal, phaneric, CIPHER,
4: Carloman, expulser, plexures, BERNUY,
5: Ungrasped, periods, tripod, Romana, junto / Jotun, drops, Aamon, Omana, hail,
6: harmonic, entrouble, bury,
7: recreations, regroup, ANCHOR, rigour, SPEECH, purge,
8: monarch, cratons, 
9: reunion, marcs, scorn,
10: easier,
11: arteries, Arieh, jot,
12: racier,
13: douses,
14: progue,
15: -
16: drop,
17: Parma, bluer, ruble,
18: diuerts, spend,
19: ruyn (2x)
21: rouble, june,
22: chair (2x)
23: trouble, panderer.

Ephraim, plexus, engrouped, monarchial, Cepheus, trueborn, repugned, Al-Dhira, Snorri, return, hierarchial, Carloman, cipher, Bernuy, tripod, ungrasped, Romana, periods, junto, hail, harmonic, recreations, regroup, speech, anchor, bluer, arteries, trouble, rigour, monarch, purge.



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