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Nostradamus C6 Q31: Many evils accompany the invasion of Italy.
Copyright: Allan Webber, December 2015

This verse is a catalogue of the many different forms of death that will impact on Italy when they join the war against invading armies from the Middle East.

Anagrams that help in giving meaning to this verse include:

Troy wrote  El-Quid clique acquire delirious soldier attrition
Roy trouuera ce qu'il deſiroit tant

[e]quator land pre-relates repair reparations
Quand le Prelat ſera reprins a tort

unpredaceous prose clue neared calm malcontent
Reſponce au duc le rendra mal content

Islam animals apartment wiser mortuaries quit armouries
Qui dans Milan mettra pluſieurs a mort
The King will find that which he desired so much
When the Prelate will be blamed unjustly
His reply to the Duke will leave him dissatisfied,
He who in Milan will put several to death.
Roy trouuera ce qu'il deſiroit tant
Quand le Prelat ſera reprins a tort
Reſponce au duc le rendra mal content
Qui dans Milan mettra pluſieurs a mort
L1: <notaRy uurote race><editorialiSt acquire><deliriouS titan tRoy touuer acquire><titan Soldier acquire tRoy touuer> tRoy clique Sired attrition /titration

L2:<Quatrains-report PrelateS rare land><rareSt persian uPlander><arreSt patroniser><alter eraS uPland reparations><land rePeal arreSt><PrelateS land rare persian tort> transpire

L3: <unpRedaceouS calend'r><pReSent ocean SeRpent curled-under><pRoSe content alarm><carloman tent lender>

L4: <Mans ailment part><Manasil / aniMals matter><Quit Mainlands><[plus man treat armouries Quit><paulS mortuaries><arms ieuuS><and romas uuiSer men Quit islaM><Milans apartment><mental part><ursae upriSal><manS milan platter uuiSer romas quit>
1: editorialist, unpredaceous, unrotatory, reparations, mortuaries, attrition, delirious, apartment, armouries,
2: planettariums, mainlands, Apuleius,
3: mentalism, crauuled, uplander, uueacqer,
4: Carloman, melanism, soldier,
5: atropins, caupones, radarmen, ailment,
6: patroniser, spirulate, animals, manasil, spirant, platter, quort (2x), drama,
7: transpire, Pensaco, planed,
8: content, acquire, curled, slider, tarot,
9: armours, deuils,
10: uprisal, Elquid,
11: painters / pertains, aquid / quida, calm,
12: notary, lament / mantle / mental, quacer,
13: ocean,
14: -,
15: damns,
16: usuries,
17: Jeuus / uuise,
18: plaster / psalter, clique, Milans, present, serpent,
19: uuiles, Astrea,
20: patter, Islam,
21: lender, Amos,
22: prelates, Armand, uuiser, quid,
23: uuade.

unpredaceous, editorialist, mortuaries, apartment, armouries, reparations, delirious, attrition, Apuleius, Manasil, planettariums, mainlands, mentalism, weaker, uplander, crawled, Carloman, soldier, melanism, atropins, caupones, patroniser, radarmen, ailment, spirulate, animals, drama, transpire, Pensaco, acquire, content, lament Elquid, devils, armours, damn, Jews, clique, usuries, calm, ocean, Islam, wade.






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