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Nostradamus C6 Q32: Italian resistant movement employs bacterial and chemical warfare against their enemy.
Copyright: Allan Webber, December 2015

 Nostradamus Centuries 6 Quatrain 32 When captured a traitor is beaten to death by rods after receiving frivolous advice about his ailments which involves deformity of his noseThis verse is part of the series on the Italian phase of the war against invaders and gives the details of the way resistant movements attempt to recover the country's freedom.

It involves a person who suffers from a chemical induced illness that affects the external internal transfer organs of the body.

Anagrams that help in giving meaning to this verse include:

1. Shy doyens governed synod revenged Parattu bromates
2. Arson appear reason in enumerators separate orders
3. Auriole continues confute lifes finest pact flounciest DNA auger  stupefaction
4. Archdivine render apez random urbanite banquet.
Beaten to death by rods for treason,
Captured he is overcome by his disorder
Frivolous counsel held out to great captive,
When Berich comes to bite his nose in fury.
Par trahyſon de verge a mort battu
Prins ſurmonte ſera par ſon deſordre
Conſeil friuole au grand captif ſentu
Nez par fureur quant Berich viendra mordre.
L1: <bromate governed Shayr part><bromate art synod / dyson put at verge><at denver bergamot put>

L2:<urS monSter pardonS / ponSard eraS orderS><reSPins enumeratorS><nordS mourn Separate Sins><pardonS / ponSard reSonate><parSon eraSe>

L3:<uariole guard Counts life fineSt / infeSt>[lineS StupefaCtion><if pact> ContinueS

L4:<hive Bacterin (bacterial vaccine) reNderz random><rich Banquet roma driven><rich bUtane invader> <urfa peNz order>
3: URBANITE, doyens, devons, synod, 
5: BANQUET counts, butane, banter, rifles, Denver,
6: infest / finest, ORDERS, ABORT, verge,
7: shy,
8: remounts, bromate, hive,
9: mourns,
10: pardons, resonate, sinus, bent,
11: tribean, rifle,
12: mage,
13: count, lifes / files / flies,
14: mourn, order (2x),
15: -
16: remount, Ormus / Romus,
17: -
18: -
19: Tiber / tribe, zeen,
20: -
21: agree,
22: random,
23: armor, apez.

flounciest, stupefaction, archdivine, continues, bacterin, enumerators, bergamot, governed, urbanite, revenged, Parattu, Devons, doyens, synod, confutes, separate, counties, omega, banquet, butane, infest, Denver, rifles, abort, orders, shy, tribean, mage, mourn, bromates, Tiber, Romus, verge.


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