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Nostradamus C6 Q34: The implantation of the Jesus clone embryo.
Copyright: Allan Webber, December 2015

This verse is another in the series on the Italian phase of the war against invaders and supplies details that identify the religious nature of that war. To do this it introduces anagrams for Micah nidation (machi - ination D) to reference the Jesus clone. Nidation refers to the implantation of a human embryo while Micah is a personal name meaning 'He who is like god'.

Anagrams that help in giving meaning to this verse include:

Malta Antiochian nation feed ovulant Micah nidation 
De feu volant la machination

invaders trouble argue uncharged sieges safe
Viendra troubler au grand chef aſſiegez

iodinated arsenates tell deities seed anointed editions
Dedans ſera telle ſedition

Queens seed depression episodes prioresses responsories Giles profiles stolen
Qu'en deſeſpoir ſeront les profligez
The device of flying fire
Will come to trouble the great besieged chief
Within there will be such sedition
That the profligate ones will be in despair.
De feu volant la machination
Viendra troubler au grand chef aſſiegez
Dedans ſera telle ſedition
Qu'en deſeſpoir ſeront les profligez
L1: <micah ('He who is like God') anointeD><~lamach (Noah's father) ovulant niDation (implant) fee~><into malta china feeD an ovl~><~manachi feD into natal ovule~><~micah nation feD natal ovule~>

L2: <inVaderz SeigeS a trouble><and deriVant chafeS our regular Siegez> uncharged

L3: <~dieSel alter into DeadneSs~><later edeSSan deitieS Don / noD><~into dieSel alertneSs Dead~><~edition Sell DeadneSs rate~><arSenates Sell edition><~edit arte nonDiSeased Sell~><~Sell edition eaSter saDden~> idiot iodinated

L4: <reSponSorieS need petrols glif><prioreSSeS need no petrols glif><norSe QueenZ epiSodeS><norSe spelt for depreSSion>depreSSionS deepneSS profile leptons SpeedS enSued
1: responsories, nondiseased, iodinated, queezing,
2: Antiochian, uncharged, prioresses, invaderz, hiation, deities, queenz,
3: nidation, episodes, prioress, arsenates, Lamach,
4: depression, profiles, anointed, spondees, edition, deepness, Micah, viz,
5: acanthi, chafed,
6: ovule,
7: editions / sedition, ovulant,
8: Leptons, idiot, oval,
9: alertness,
10: deadness, dearness, feuv,
11: Edessan,
12: ensued,
13: petrols, Malta,
14: chafes, glif,
15: anoint / nation, sieges, foil,
16: chafe, sensed,
17: saddens, bluer, ruble,
18: speeds,
19: -
20: China / chain,
21: derivant, rouble,
22: spelt,
23: trouble.

responsories, iodinated, nondiseased, queezing, Antiochian, prioresses, invaders, uncharged, queenz, deities, nidation, Lamach, arsenates, episodes, depression, spondees, edition, profiles, deepness, anointed, Micah, viz, ovule, ovulant, Edessan, Malta, nation, petrols, glif, ensued, sensed, bluer, spelt, China, trouble.


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