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Nostradamus C6 Q35: Critical secrets about the Jesus clone.
Copyright: Allan Webber, December 2015

The bizarre nature of this verse's text is a clue that it holds an important secret and the nature of it is the time and place of the cloning of a man from DNA; a person believed to be sourced from Christ. The anagrams that link it to birth are orthopneic balance ( which refer to both the position used in birth and the implanting of an embryo.

This verse and C10 Q51 both contain anagrams for guides but both also share anagrams based on Christian foundations.

Anagrams that help in giving meaning to this verse include:

alien interposed protein orthopneic balance anchorable beach Chilean peers desertion
Pres de Rion et proche a blanche laine

graver war site nuclear-source reconceal. alive agree water rise agrieve
Aries Taurus Cancer Leo la Vierge

epistoler arrang[e]d solar ordeals diplanar remains and alien arms marines perjurist
Mars Jupiter le Sol ardra grand plaine

each letter traces scarce objects cause cities elites scatter  iceberg haze
Bois et citez lettres cachez au cierge
Near the Bear and close to the white wool,
Aries, Taurus, Cancer, Leo, Virgo,
Mars, Jupiter, the Sun will burn a great plain,
Woods and cities letters hidden in the candle.
Pres de Rion et proche a blanche laine
Aries Taurus Cancer Leo la Vierge
Mars Jupiter le Sol ardra grand plaine
Bois et citez lettres cachez au cierge
L1: <~alien Peer interPosed anchorable ch~><ResPired orthopneic balance heal><banal chilean oRiented Peers echo><banal chilean echo pointer><~bachelor deeRs encePhalin (natural opiate) a pointer~><Plainer deeRs protein echo><crop deseRtion><alien RePrised>

L2: <~iraTes rage nuCLear-source aliVe~><Agree ConceaLers uuaTers Vial ><~ConceaLers regeAr uuar Site Vial><aVeoli uuars riTes Agree><Variole rAge<sTaruuise AgrievE>

L3: <Juras arMenia triple ordealS><~diplanar Solar drag Juras pit Men reel~><Solar reptile drag Juras men>

L4:<~it cites geBo zettle curie scarce haze~><~geBo cities zettle traces curie chaze~><iceBerg zettle societi traces><~zet letter caches uza societi iceBerg~><elitez chaze geBo sect scatter curie~>
1: nuclear-source, anchorable, Nachiel / Chilean, uuariest, iceberg,
2: interposed, bachelor, concealer, epistoler, obiects, zetetic, letterz,
3: concealers / reconceals, diplanar, paladin, galdrar, cities, haze,
4: recatches, staruuise, catchers, alveoli, zettle, elitez, beach, cauze, Juras, Gebo,
5: desertion, balance, variole, agrieve, scarce,
6: indorse, cancers, scatter, sobeit,
7: respired / reprised, Ariege,
8: blanche, Armenia, oval,
9: triple, grieve, uuart, radar,
10: caches, giver, easier,
11: protein / pointer, uuaters,
12: plenaries,
13: oriented, ordeals, cleaner,
14: reside, uuars,
15: Horace, banal,
16: -
17: grandpa, Curie,
18: plainer, spender,
19: marines / remains, repine,
20: -
21: letters, agree,
22: alive, avile,
23: relose.

nuclear-source, anchorable, Chilean, war site, bachelor, interposed, iceberg, objects, concealer, epistoler, zetetic, letters, recatches, cities, diplanar, haze, starwise, Gebo, elites, cauze, Juras, beach, desertion, scarce, protein, waters, balance, easier, cancers, variole, agrieve, banal, ordeals, indorse, wars, Curie, remains, plainer letters, agree, Ariege, reprised.


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