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Nostradamus C6 Q39: Actions taken by the Jesus-clone family to protect their child.
Copyright: Allan Webber, December 2015

 Nostradamus Centuries 6 Quatrain 39 Child recues father as an allegory for nostradmus poetry giving a voice to the divinesThis verse presents more on the Jesus clone's birth in Italy with its details being about the movements the family makes to avoid their child being taken by their enemies. One such mechanism is the construction of devices on housetops to produce food from sunlight.

Anagrams that help in giving meaning to this verse include:

1. Repellant_lines paper_eternal peril appear_enter
2. Persae explore explore lies proud Europa era reviled
3. Persian dual matrices numerals persuade centralism
4. Ageist sentry forsent proof later autotrophies host ruler

# autotrophies: an organism able to produce organic material from non-organic substances using light or chemical means.
The child of the realm via capture of his father
Will be plundered to deliver him
Near the Lake of Perugia the azure captive,
The hostage troop to become far too drunk.
L'enfant du regne par paternelle prinse
Expolie ſera pour deliurer
Au pres du lac Traſimen l'azur prinse
La troupe hoſtaige pour trop fort s'enyurer
L1: <preparental genre peril daunt><paper eternal peril><risen appear repellant><Lenins ungrafted apparent><apartner repugned><gene parapet>Lines apart

L2: <uuilder operaS explorEr><~Ere pox lieS deliuer uproar~><europa lieS><realiSe liuer pored pox> louder

L3: <persiAn numeralz pursued / usurped><~dual maTriceS persiAn super lunarz~> <iSTar persiAn dual super numeralz><arTemiS lunarz><raciST men laud super persiAn><armieS duels acT><mineralS act> <cenTraliSm><persuAdes><urz almeSian>iameS Seminal raimenTS

L4: <autotrophieS reaL sentry of ur port><ur goatish troupe puerto sentry proof~><ageiSt hope <ruLer>softer oathS / (a host) forspent euphorus
1: autotrophies, preparental, centralism, Alminezur, ungrafted, housetop, Euphoros, numeralz, lunarz,
2: repellant, repellent, matrices, repugned, explorer, deliuerer,
3: forspent, goatish, explore, sentry,
4: apparent, uuilder, ethos / theos / those,
5: Almeisan, hopes,
6: minerals, partner, ageist,
7: parapet, Athos / oaths,
8: pursued / usurped, Persiae,
9: -
10: raiments, easier,
11: hope,
12: -
13: persuades, deliuer, racist, opera,
14: Artemis, progue, host,
15: Europa, Eloise,
16: -
17: eternal, turned,
18: forsent, Pelle, pox,
19: marines / remains, daunt, ruyn,
20: realise, proof, apart,
21: ruler,
22: forest / softer,
23: Masniel / seminal, reliue / reuile.

autotrophies, preparental, centralism, Alminezur, ungrafted, housetop, Euphoros, numerals, lunars, matrices, repellant, explorer, repugned, forspent, deliverer, goatish, sentry, explore, apparent, ethos, Almeisan, wilder, hopes, minerals, partner, usurped, ageist, parapet, pursued, Persiae, oaths, easier, raiments, persuades, host, eternal, racist, Europa, proof, forsent, realise, seminal, ruler, apart.


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