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Nostradamus C6 Q40: Armageddon cipher signalling man's evolutionary demise

Copyright: Allan Webber, December 2015, Feb 2023

I have composed books of prophecies each containing a hundred quatrains of astronomic prophecies, which I have intentionally arranged a little obscurely. They contain perpetual predictions for (the period) from now until the year 3797...Nostradamus' 1555 Preface to Cesar [PCE6]

The Codon verse series in Nostradamus' PropheciesArmageddon (rand de Mago) which relates to a final ferocious war only occurs once as an anagram in Nostradamus' Prophecies despite a major human-ravishing, terrain-engulfing war being one of his major themes. There are basicly no other apocalyptic Christian terms as anagrams  in his verses and their absence plus the Cesar Preface quote shown above imply that for all its severity the Earth and its life forms survive the cataclysm. 

Given the slightness of Armageddon appearances throughout Nostradamus' work its singular occurrence in verse C6 Q40 suggest he has used the term to indicate the magnitude of mutation occurring in an incident of modern warfare rather than describe the scale  or outcome of a particular war. In that case the settings in this verse imply the horrendous battle takes place from the middle of this century while other verses tell us its greatest impacts last for three hundred years. In verses presenting these figures it is apparent man's dominance of the earth ends due to this war. They also indicate it comes about by the evolution of a super-ape that man tries unsuccessfuly to extinguish and repress.

Nostradamus C6 Q40 CodonJ6_40 CodonJ6_40EditingDNARepairsArmageddonInsteadThe scene for this verse is set by anagrams in the second line where  there are adjacent anagrams for DNA editing repairs (and dignite Sera pri). The adjacency of DNA and editing repairs is impotant to the credibility of the DNA sequence. Although this lettering is abundant in the prophecies it only occurs adjacent to two words that apply to methods of changing human genomes. The other occurrence is in C3 Q59 which is the highly significant verse about the status change to belief in Christ's mortality. In that verse there is the anagram for Tetragrammaton a word relating to representing the name of  God in anagramatic ways. Of immediate relevance is that term is adjacent to an anagram for transpose and in front of that there is the lettering of DNA. In these two instances the rare terms for editing and transpose are given a target which is the changing of genetic lettering according to a plan. Such a change inevitably alters the course of life.

In the current verse the aforementioned term Armageddon also serves to tie this verse to religion with the immediate implication that gene editing to enhance the presagient powers have a religious as well as a military aspect. Soldiers capable of tapping into the stream of human consciousness would transform war. In the preface quote  Nostradamus makes it clear mankind outlives all changes but the new species superiority would mean makind eventually ceases to exist. Notably the new beings are not only superior in their minds but in their military arts.

Supersoldirs in USA armyAnother two anagrams in C6 Q40 are adding and presagient  (and dig / gnite Sera P) and they overlay the anagrams for editing DNA repairs. The goal of achieving a super soldier that can anticipate what the enemy is thinking has been tried before but failed. That effort utilized persons thought to have psychic abilities while this verse suggests the outcome will be achieved using modern genetic manipulation to create new beings.

To quench the great thirst the great one of Magonce
Will be deprived of his great dignity:
Those of Cologne will come to complain so loudly
That the great rump will be thrown into the Rhine.
Grand de Magonce pour grande ſoif eſtaindre
Sera priue de ſa grand dignite
Ceux de Cologne ſi fort le viendront plaindre
Que le grand groppe au Ryn ſera gette.
  1. <So danger pounce if arMageddon readinG set><once group><reGard organiSed / grandioSe fates in daMned / deManD><aMong deranGed>
  2. <~aggrandiSed pair entrieS due~><preSagient reSidue /deriueS><adding in repair Set grades><eaSter depriueS>
  3. <Sefirot long Codex unrepliCated evil end><nonrepliCated evil foStering end><evil end not plain reduCex Cooled foreSign><iCelander uxed Cool foreSign><~plant nordien Cinder uxed if Congolese revolt~>
  4. <ape-group gundealer SeRgeantry><greateSt pope anuRy [not secrete urine]><pope target><uneaSyeR target><paupeRy dragon><enlarged><Quettel agreeS danger Ruyn a pope>
1: nonreplicated, unreplicated, aggrandised, Amageddon, sergeantry, fostering, Congolese, foresign, paupery, adding, cooled, codex, editing/DNA
2: Icelander, reignites,
3: Cologne, revolt, target, yearns,
4: greatest, omega, logo,
5: presagient, pounce, sunray,
6: gundealer, arraigned, loftier, veinlet, among,
7: grandiose, organised, regroup, einsof, anury,
8: pliant, cinder, group,
9: environed, demand / damned, Pope,
10: grandad, depriues, reduce, pupae, cool,
11: -
12: forties / Sefirot, dragon, pauper, mage,
13: deranged, Gerard / regard,
14: progue, plant, mag,
15: fortel, fates, feast,
16: deriues / residue, deriue,
17: Iosef (2x),
18: instead, creed,
19: reducex, grades, ruyn,
20: grandeur, arsenite, repairs,
21: agree,
22: recoup.
23: -

Armageddon, Sefirot, long codex, unreplicated, papery, Icelander, presagient, revolt, greatest, target, Sant Jesef, foreseeing, gundealer, regroup, damned, demand, Pope, deprives, fates, deranged, instaed, Josef, agree, repairs, arsenite, creed.

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