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Nostradamus C6 Q41: On fertility spread by an inebriant treasurer.
Copyright: Allan Webber, December 2015

Many verses provide less vital details of life and death over the centuries. Although not crucial to the structure of the great mutations they provide the flourishes that give any tale its colour. This verse displays several features that are common throughout Nostradamus verses and in doing so they are part of these greater themes but not critical to their storylines.

Anagrams that help in giving meaning to this verse include:

he encodes enclosed feud urged gene gender manner Anne Marcel concedes
Le ſecond chef du regne d'Annemarc

caper uxed fertilises inebriant liberalist quin
Par ceux de Friſe et l'iſle Britannique

Marcel feared spender plunders decent mill
Fera deſpendre plus de cent mille marc

inequality explain leprotic ovary gene
Vain exploicter voyage en Italique.
The second chief of the realm of Annemark,
Through those of Frisia and of the British Isle,
Will spend more than one hundred thousand marks,
Exploiting in vain the voyage to Italy.
Le ſecond chef du regne d'Annemarc
Par ceux de Friſe et l'iſle Britannique
Fera deſpendre plus de cent mille marc
Vain exploicter voyage en Italique.
  1. <Ann marceL encodeS> <marCel unendAngered encodeS ><he concedeS freud><reconceaLS feud genre mAnned ><underAged manner c enclosed>
  2. <caPer FertiliSes quintain (5th lines) exude><ann equiP BriStle Fertilise arc exude><inquinate (defoul, pollute) caPer uxed elite Fires><ineBriant illS><elite Fires BliSter Ann>
  3. <~marcel repulsed Feared Spend mil [1049] cent~><Fear Speed plunders decent mill-race><marcel fear dependS
  4. <voyager explication (explanation) equiiValent><explain equiiValent age><evictor explain><it cite ovary gene>vector
1: explication, unendangered, millrace, voyager, ovary gene, vector
2: equivaliant, demulcents, fertilise, sterilise, plunders, explain,
3: intumesced, concealers / reconceals, fertilises, aquivine, concedes, evictor, still,
4: liberalist, inebriant, leprotic, manner,
5: ovary,
6: underaged, billers, Culdees / seclude, libels, overt / voter,
7: refuxed, refaced, calmer(2x),
8: inquirant, bristle / blister, descent, Ennead,
9: inquinate, quintain, enclosed, freud,
10: cement,
11: quintan, Alberti, tribean, decent, fired,
12: repulsed, preludes, Clio,
13: manned, Neman,
14: -
15: underage, farce,
16: liquate, spade, yov, over,
17: encodes, mill,
18: endanger, spender, seduce, excur, spend,
19: reducex, tribe,Tiber,
20: enclose, fires,
21: list.
22: -
23: -

unendangered, millrace, voyager, explains, intumesced, acquivine, fertilises, leprotic, ovary, depends, plunders, inebriant, concedes, liberalist, manner, seclude, underaged, inquirant, calmer, voter, inclosed, inquinate, descent, farce, encodes, Tiber, fires, liquate.






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